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All the technical pages are designed to help you get it right. But in no way can any of the contributors or web site owner be held responsible for any tips that are followed and do not work or cause you injury. They are meant as a guide as there are many uncontrollable factors that must also be taken into account.


Advice is given with the very best of intentions….

New Technical Snippets

A quick reference for that often overlooked easy fix before you start on that major strip down.

Safety and tools advice

Common sense doesn’t always prevail. Have a read it just may save you some serious pain and down time. With some Graphic tales from real people.


LPG How I fitted my LPG


Cooling Choose the right Radiator by Kev Rooney.

Cooling Troubleshooting A great Cooling troubleshooting guide by Kev Rooney


Auto Transmission Got a 4 potter or a V6 then change that C3 to a A4LD here is all the info you will need. By John Hodgson.

Brakes Part 1 Brakes Part 2
Comprehensive guide to making de thing Stop right courtesy of UKK by Kev Rooney.

Engine Dating
How to work out the date of manufacture and more of your Ford (USA V8) Paul Garton.

Engine and Trans dimensions
Compare the size of the overdrive trans and see just what motor will fit in your engine bay.

Get the gearing right for the best fuel economy courtesy of UKK by Kev Rooney.

Jag rears
Comprehensive guide to making that Jag rear work and fit first time by Geoff Kremer.

Why something’s need to be a certain length Courtesy of UKK by Kev Rooney.

A guide to what PCD you may have for ordering those very important wheels.

4 Bars
Get all the power to the ground by using your chassis to its full potential by Geoff Kremer.

NGK Spark Plug Marking Symbols
Make sense of those numbers and letters on your spark plugs.

Oversteer Understeer
A few ideas on how to correct bad handling.

Princes ball joints
How to set up princess balljoints so they are safe and give long service By Kev Rooney .

Work out what is the best gearing and what tyres size will suit with this MS Excel program by Mark Craft

Springs and Things
The science of springs and how to work out what is right for your Car by Geoff Kremer and Kev Rooney.

Get your geometry right for trouble free cruising by Geoff Kremer.

Measuring for that perfect ride and response By Geoff Kremer and Kev Rooney

Traditional Suspension
How it works and why it sometimes don’t!

Traditional Leaf Springs
Setting up the Trad Leaf spring front end. By Kev Rooney

Urethane Bushes
How to fit them without the Bind and that annoying squeak. By Kev Rooney

Urethane Bushings Part 2
Location and the dangers if done wrong. By Kev Rooney

Body Work

Get a grounding in the often forgotten basics of making metal stay stuck by Geoff Kremer.

Bonded screens
Look and learn some cool tips on making your Rod look better and have no leaks by Geoff Kremer

How to get that professional paint finish by David Crees

Preparation for Paint
A concise and technical chart. by David Crees

A complete guide to applying Kustom Paint, by the respected Kustom Painter Kev Reilander of Sweet and Sour Pontiac Lowrider fame need I say more!

Part 1: Preparation

Part 2: Solids, Pearls and Metallics

Part 3: Flake Choice

Part 4: Flake application

Part 5: Kandys

Electrics with Geoff Kremer

Intro into electrics
Get to understand what it is you are messing with.

Planning the Harness
How to start planning that harness!

Running them wires (building the Harness ) Part 1
The make or break of every Rod get the wiring looking neat and being safe.

Harness Part 2
Starting to see something for your effort.

Sort out them ends Man!

Why peer through a little screen on a dark night and struggle to see the road ahead.
When you can peer through a little screen on a dark night and see the road ahead with some state of the art bright lights.

Wipers and Stalks and stuff and that!

Number plate light
How about a Dude’y number plate and light!

Stop/Rear light
Ever fancied your stop lights to work as indicators aswell here Geoff shows you how.

Hazard warning lights
Make you Rod safer and more professional with these simple to follow instructions.

Push Button Starter
How to wire up a push button starter so it cant be activated when engine is running.

Fault Finding
A great guide to working out and preventing some of the weird faults that can occur with you wiring.

How to Build a Tear Drop Trailer by Steve (Langy) Lang

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