2010 Hot Rod Drags

Drag your Hot Rod Weekender

Managed again to nick off work early so me and my bezzy mate Pudzz booked it, packed it and fucked off… to the NSRA Hot Rod Drags. Yeahaaa.

Truck was running great and at a little over the speed limit making good time until we reached Birmingham that is and from then the traffic was at a stand still and was choker right up to around 10miles from Stratford. It was, stop go, stop go, for miles, what a nightmare. Accompanied by torrential rain aswel which was great fun! Though the Truck didn’t bat an eye lid, it ran to perfection!

We were thinking that the Drags would be a wash out as there was so much rain. I got a text from Bob Booth asking if we was a coming to the Drags, so instead of texting back I rang him to find out the script and also for direction cus we thought we maybe lost…he said it was bone dry and they hadn’t seen any rain… unbelievable. and sure enough about 5 mile from Shaky it was bone dry and we were on the right road.

Even with all that, we still managed Shakespeare County Raceway early enough to get the tent pitched before we headed off to the New Inn for their awesome carvery. I had booked a table early on in the week, so we were guaranteed a place, a table for 2, no wonder people think me and Pudzz are an item eh… ;o) (More later) Didn’t fancy putting the tent up in the dark which we would of had to if we werent there in enough time to pitch tent before going to the pub..so a good result.

We arrived at the gateway into the Drags and were met by our mates, Andy Whithorn and Paul (Woody) Wood, they were eyeing up the Bomber seats in the old derelict plane that is cocked at the gates… They told us were the rest of the gang were camped, so we made our way there while they drooled over them seats a while more. As we drove in the gates the first thing that struck us was Man… how many cars there were on site, about the busiest I can remember.

We had a bit of a crack, with the guys and a few people we knew who were passing as we erected us tent and everyone bar none said that we had missed a great band on the Friday night, so we hoped tonight would be a good one to.

There were quite a few cars milling about that gave the Hot Rod Drag gig great atmosphere and the craic (Crack) was good, that’s banter by the way not cocaine ;o)…! Anyhow the New Inn carvery was a calling so once the tent was pitched and we had had a bit of a craic with the lads, we shot off to the Pub. The Carvery was as excellent as ever and at £7.50 was a pleasant change from getting ripped off like they often do once you cross that north south divide border ;o)..

Back at camp with full belly’s (well a little room left for the Cider) we sat with the guys and swapped stories and had a right old laugh as we chugged down our Cider and slowly headed off to planet Strongbow!!

Some went over to watch the Cacklefest and weren’t over impressed with the fireworks, me and Pudzz were oblivious there was one going on and so missed this one.

Just after 9pm we decided to have a look up the Marquee and see what the band were like. The Marquee was rammed when we got there, but we just sidled past everyone right to the front, where I met me old mates Mad Sonia and Daly. The band came on and were a Ska band.. er Ok.. I will go with that. Though I aint no mod lover, I do quite like some of their music, well the Ska stuff anyway and these guys could play it and were also great entertainment.

The night just carried on like that as far as I remember anyway. I remember doing my 7cans of cider then hitting the bar. The guys told me next day I just said ” I gotta go” ” I need some air”.. which as it happened coincided right as it was my round!! allegedly ;o).. But then like a specter I appeared again, right next to them as they stood in the burger van queue. ;o)??? baffles me to!

Back at camp we just kept the night going until fuck knows what time, maybe about 1.30am I think.. reason I think 1.30am was because I rang my Mod mate to tell him about the band and he told me a few days later what time I had rung him…( I must add I only have 1 Mod mate as I don’t make a habit of mixing with the enemy)……

So anyway me and Pudzz had retired to the tent and I am on the phone…. then we hear a great loud fart and then a load of giggling???? Them fukers we call mates ;o).. really do think me and Pudzz are shirt lifters… and had snook round our tent hoping to hear one of us biting the pillow… barstards!! as if…. I have always brushed it off as just banter.. but apparently some people do think we push shit uphill backwards without a barrow….. “Hum?”.. not with my nobbies anyway!! ;o)

Anyhow soon it was Sunday Morning, and did I have a thick head, mixing my cider with the stuff from the track bar mustn’t have agreed with me as I am usually brand new the next day. Still the hospitality from them twats that think me and Pudzz are lovers made up for it and soon got my head sorted with copious amounts of coffee.

Then they set up the breakfast buffet, by cooking like a military machine. Andy did the eggs, someone else the sausage, another the bacon and so on until the tables were full with the most amazing Breakfast buffet you could imagine. Gary thrust a plate in my hand and one in my lovers….. whoops sorry mates hand and said fill ya boots lads.. it was awesome and even more coffee. These lads are so organised and know how to look after themselves for sure, caravans, marquees long tables chairs and all that goes with it, unlike me and Pudzz in a tent and nowt else.

After me and Pudzz had had a good nosh… maybe I should rephrase that, after me and Pudzz had a fantastic full english breaky we were ready to go see some racing and see what Rods were about.



Carl Harris’s Roadster sporting some rare wheels.

Pilot pickup is one of the nicest looking Trucks I have ever seen.

Real Nice Willys pickup.

Cool Zephyr Ute nice reg!

Pat Healey’s Desert Rat sporting new paint!

Mad Truck was a real sleeper complete with builders ladder must be a lot of run.

Adam Sayers does a 9 sec pass


We saw some great racing, though it wasn’t as busy as the camp site suggested it maybe and definitely not as busy in the fire up lane as other years, though the stands were full. We also watched some beautiful women walk by (see we are not gay) ;o).. looked at loads of cool cars, checked out the trade stands, chatted with loads of Rodding mates.. then that was it.. the drags were over for us for another year.

Drive back was enjoyable until around Manchester when the heavens opened and I mean opened, it was difficult to see a lot of the time the rain was so great… Felt really sorry and worried for me old mate Odgie and Miss P as we passed them only minutes before the downpour started and they were in their open topped jalopies doing about 50mph max in the slow lane on a very busy M6 motorway..

Odgie just before the rain

Miss P

Well that’s it guys, The end!..

Yep I mean really it The End….! my last rod run this season and my last write up. Yes my last write up.

I have done this site now for 10yr, loved every minute and made some just awesome friends, some I hope will be life long friends as I really enjoy their company and feel honored and privileged to know them. I know this site made that happen, it has been good to me and I still want it to continue. But I feel I have taken it as far as I can and now it needs some new blood to put their stamp on it and take it forward.

So if you think you are capable of taking over the reins of the Uk Hot Rods web site and have a real passion for our hobby, then drop me a line at website@uk-hotrods.co.uk and we can talk about it. Love to everyone who has become a friend over the last 10yrs and thank you for reading and looking at my web site… I am gonna miss doing this site but I just feel time is time and I need to do something else.. Cheers xxxxxx

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