Scenes from the 77/78 Ally Pally show and the Nats? sent in by Boyceee

Scenes from the 77/78 Ally Pally show and the Nats? sent in by Boyceee who’s black and purple 34 is on the garage scene pages.

Humber had an upturned sump on its bonnet as a power bulge.
A Custom Car front cover feature car owned by Chris & Teresa Shearing from mid Kent Roadster’s,

Camaro had trick paint and side pipes, Camaro was and still is owned by Tim Cooke, 

Capri was pickup’ed  and had a few nice Custom Mods very restrained for the 70’s eh! The Capri was owned by  Steve Smith who was works foreman at Jagos. Info courtesy of Kev Rooney

Andromida  Blown Big Blocked Nick Butler creation featured a bouncing Ball mural on the tub still lurking in someone’s lock up in pieces I think!

Richard Whales Awesome Herald is it possible to use awesome and Herald in the same sentence? Well I would of said no but looking back it was awesome in the fact every nut bolt part was polished, plated or painted it was amazing the body later was made so it lifted up and you could see the chassis which had the same treatment. I remember it looking beautiful and I thought why? Apparently Richard used to strip the car down after every use and polish and mint it all up again… Update : Richard Wales Herald was eventually broken up , he would’nt sell it whole to anyone, the chassis complete went to live under a Y.


Bill Gabb sent the following photos from the 80’s  Bruntingthorpe Nats and Doncaster show and Custom Fantasia indoor Teeside Above is his Pop his Brothers and a mates oh and a Barrel ‘O’ Beer.

29 Nash at Donny was later painted Pink and wore mud plugger tyres urggghhh (update it is now being transformed by it new owner Shane Knighton with help from his mate Mickey Tebbs)

Shugs Blown 32 what can you say Awesome. I remember seeing this at 86 Bruntingthorpe Nats and it was just so wicked must of been a handful. it is still about but not blown now and Shugs is living in the States

John (Reidy) Reids Delivery

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