Who am I?


By Holmsey


I remember around 1970 finding Custom
Car on the shelves of the magazine shops and I bought it originally for the
choppers, but got drawn towards the Hot Rods as time went on and finding Street
Rodder and Rod and Custom sealed my fate. After seeing American Graffiti and
reading about cruises starting in the UK,  I knew I had to be part of it
and I went to York street Manchester where the rainy City Cruisers would meet,
on Fridays after work. Hiding my std Cortina round the corner and walking to
York street and looking in awe at the assembled Cars, was how it went for a few
weeks. The cars there were mostly Trick painted modern cars with just one Rod as I remember,
owned by Mike & Kath Spencer a 1932 Lanchester with a
Zodiac engine and trans etc and a few yanks, made up the rest of it .

One week I painted some flames on my
Cortina and fitted some cruising lights, then next meet I dared myself to park
up with them. I was really made to feel welcome and I then started to go every
Friday after work. It was a 200+ mile round trip for me, but it was well worth
it, I was part of something that was burning  in my soul. How I dreamed of
a Rod, but instead had to make the best of what I had, finally I got a Geoff
Ridgeway Paint job over my own applied base of Blue Murano pearl over black,
this was my first paint job and it turned out real good looking back. I got to
know the likes of Odgie, Smax, Geoff Ridgeway, Moggy Mills, Dexy and Steve
Cheatham, Pete Whiteside, Graham Kelsey, Roger Attaway and many many more. 
It was A fantastic time.

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