Kustom Paintwork By Kev Reilander

Part 2 - Solid, Pearl and Metallic Base Coats...

HOUSE OF KOLOR solid graphic kolors, metallic kolor bases and designer pearls can be finished with lacquer, or used as a base for Kandy. They can also be used for doing 'Tape Outs' to create patterns and graphics.

First make sure that you have rinsed, dried and wiped off your panels with a 'Low Tack' tack rag.


Stir well before mixing, then reduce by 50% (or 2 parts paint to 1 part thinners) using RU310 fast dry thinner. If you are able to spray in a purpose built booth, you can use RU311 medium dry thinner instead.
Once mixed, strain paint into your gun, and set air pressure at gun to 50-60psi.
Now start to spray your panels with the gun at a distance of 6-8 inches in a 50% overlap pattern. You will need to apply 3-4 medium coats, allowing flash time between each coat (dull in appearance).


Again this paint needs to be stirred well before mixing, and also needs to be reduced by 50% with the same thinners.
Strain the paint into the gun, and set the air pressure at the gun to 50-60psi.
From a distance of 6-8 inches, start to apply 3-4 medium coats in a 75% overlap pattern. Remember to allow each coat to flash and go dull before applying the next.


Once your chosen base has been applied, leave for 30 minutes before applying lacquer, but no longer than 12 hours.

Next you will need to apply 5-7 coats of lacquer to create depth and shine.
Mix your HOUSE OF KOLOR C1 lacquer 150% (1 part lacquer to 1 1/2 parts thinners) using 202 thinners.
Set the air pressure at your gun to 45psi, and start to apply your required coats with your gun 6-8 inches from your panels, in a 50% overlap pattern. Make sure you allow each coat to flash before applying the next (last part painted should be touch dry).
Leave to totally cure for at least 10-12 days. When your paint is totally dry, you should be able to press your finger nail on the lacquer without leaving a mark.

Once cured, flatten with 3M 1500 wet and dry, using a little washing up liquid and a block as much as possible. Allow the paper to soak for 20 minutes before use.
When you have got the lacquer totally flat (NO shiny spots), polish using G6 then G3 rubbing compond. Finish with a lambs wool head on a mop using G10.

If you intend to apply patterns or graphics on top of your base, then to protect your base you need to apply 1-2 medium coats of C1 acrylic lacquer.
Once these are applied, then leave to dry. In some cases, you can start your tape outs after only 1 hour. But if more than 12 hours have elapsed, you will need to lightly flatten the lacquer with 500 or 600 wet and dry.

Another choice is to apply Kandy direct to your chosen base, for instructions on Kandy please go to PART 7.......

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