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Part 5 - Kandy...

Of all the different kustom paints available, Kandy is by far the most difficult to get right.
For the application of Kandy, it is of the utmost importance that you use a good condition spray gun. The fan pattern of the gun must be even from top to bottom, with none of the heavy spots which are sometimes found in the top and bottom areas of the fan. If your gun produces heavy spots anywhere in the fan, then this will result in banding in your Kandy finish.

Kandy is a translucent paint, therefore the more coats that you apply, the darker shade of kolor will be achieved. Another factor in how your Kandy will look when finished is the kolor of the base coat. For instance, if you apply a red Kandy on a blue base, you will end up with a shade of purple.
For newcomers to Kandy, it is good advise to choose a base that is similar to the Kandy.


Make sure you have rinsed, dried and tacked your panels off first.
Then stir Kandy thoroughly before thinning 200% (1 part paint to 2 parts thinners). Use HOUSE OF KOLOR 202 thinners.
Strain paint into gun and set air pressure at gun to 35-45psi. Apply 2-4 medium coats in a 75% overlap pattern on a wide fan. Do NOT apply these coats as wet coats. The gun distance should be 6-8 inches from the panels. Allow each coat to flash before applying the next (the last part painted should be touch dry).
Next mix more paint, this time thinning by 150% (1 part paint to 1 1/2 parts thinners).
Now apply 4-6 wet coats in a 75% overlap pattern, until you have reached your desired kolor.

Allow Kandy to dry for 1-3 hours, then apply HOUSE OF KOLOR C1 lacquer.
Set air pressure at the gun to 45psi.
Mix lacquer by 150% with 202 thinners, and apply 5-7 coats in a 50% overlap pattern. Again allow each coat to flash before applying the next.

Allow at least 14 days before polishing. When totally cured, you should be able to press your finger nail on the paint without leaving a mark.
Flatten down with 1500 wet and dry, using a little washing up liquid and a block as much as possible.
Polish using G6 then G3 rubbing compound, and finish with a lambs wool head on a mop using G10.

If you have applied Kandy on top of flake, return to the flake tech (part 4) for lacquer build up......

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