By Geoff Kremer

A lot of Rods still use the original headlights and often with the older style bulbs so the lights are pretty awful hereís how you can drastically improve them.

Most old style head lamp bowls can accept Halogen lamps and a trot to your local motor factor should provide the bulbs but if your using the original wiring and switches they just are not going to cope with the extra demand. Because of this you probably wont notice much of an improvement over the old bulbs the reason for this is called ďlossesĒ Hereís how to get rid of those losses. Use relays!

Simply put, a relay is: a heavy duty switch mechanically linked to a small electro magnet:

Well Iím sure you get the idea.

The easiest way to get all the power to your headlights is using a relay and also you can retain all your existing switches and wiring without disturbing them very much. You will need two relays and it would be easier if you got them with the built in fuses otherwise insert separate fuses where Iíve marked, the relays shouldn't cost more than a few pounds each. The most important thing to remember is that we are trying to reduce losses so that all the available energy is going to power the headlights. The main power supply should be taken straight off the battery and the relays can be mounted anywhere, but the nearer to the head lamps the better. You could fit the relays near the dip switch and use the existing wires going to the lights but the thing to remember here is that you will still be using the old wiring and if it isnít heavy enough youíll be loosing a lot of energy and defeating the object of the exercise. The use of relays in this way applies to any item drawing a lot of power.


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