Mark Higman 100E

Hi, My name is Mark Higman from Cornwall and this is my "garage scene", although I'm not fortunate enough to have a garage so I'm working outside! 


You may notice it looks pretty mean but there's only a tiny pinto in it, well there's a reason- I'm only 19 and with the current U21 insurance problems that's all I'm allowed till I'm 21 . The eventual plan is for it to be black with purple ghost flames? (it's still an open subject)
The plan is to get it on the road in part primer for hot rod drags in September (fingers crossed), then paint it over the winter...
I'll keep you posted with progress-still loads to do!

I thought I would leave it in Mark's own words for a change as then you can read his enthusiasm and unnecessary apology for it being pinto powered hey I know of at least two well known Rodders in the Uk who run pinto power.. Nice one Mark nice to see another young guy who gets it!! The Uk Rodding scene that is ;o)

Update September 05

Well it's been a while since I've sent any, and now it's got new  Willwood callipers on it all round ('s!), the underneath is weather proofed, the engine, rad, seats and harness points are in and I've made a raised floor in the back which hides a bunch of stuff underneath it and houses the CD player.

 I've also made a second dash panel up high with the switches on it.  It's not covered yet because it will have the receiver for the remote door kit when it's on the road.  I've already shaved the boot handle. 

Note: The little bit of black you can see in the ashtray is my brake fluid reservoir!  I cocked up when I put my pedals in tight to the bulkhead and forgot it! That's the closest place to mount it that's higher than the master cylinder.

It seems like so little writing for so much hard work, but  It's all ready for wiring now, then I've got my brake lines and prop to sort out (plus a few pretty minor things).  Hot Rod Drags was obviously a bit optimistic cos I've been outside working all hours and this is where I'm at-I can't wait till it's on the road, the Cornish winters coming!!

Could you please put a small note on my update.  It's a "thanks for being cool" to my girlfriend, Shona who I live with.  I think she just about remembers who I am with all the time I spend out working on the car!

Update January

I'm now working in my nans garage and since the last update I've wired the car from top to bottom myself which I'm well chuffed about. I had trouble finding a local electrician to take on the job at a reasonable price. So I took the job on myself and although it took longer, it all looks and works great!

I've got it running now too and the brakes are plumbed (from scratch) and the clutch is sorted-just need the prop making up (professionally) and it'll be driveable.
As you can see in the photos I've been busy working on the interior too-the box on the passenger side is the battery box. There's plenty of sound gear in there too-I like music though so why not? I'm in the process of making up the trans tunnel now.

I've thrown a lot of money at the car so I'm gonna run it in primer for a while before a nice paint job goes on. Hoping to be out in it soon though-then all the hard work will be worth it!
All the best


Update August 06

There's been a lot of change since the last update. I had the car driving, but had real trouble with the brakes. After a hell of a lot of effort, the trouble was due to my master cylinder not being up to working the calipers I've put on the car (experience is priceless!). I just couldn't put it on the road like it with someone nagging me for the pinto, cash being waved at me, and my 21st birthday looming, I got an insurance quote for a 3.5l Rover motor to see if I could do it. It turns out that I can, so I will! So now I've got my first V8 and I'm real excited about it to say the least. I'l let the pics do the talking, but in the past few months I've been busy. I've bought and installed a pedal box that will match the performance of the brakes (with hydraulic clutch). The engine and gearbox have been cleaned up, painted and mounted in the car. I'm quite chuffed that I've put bear claw latches on it (in the rear quater panel), shaved the handles, and put a remote opening kit on it which I love. By the time this is online, the motor will be running. There are a few final jobs to be done before it's going in the paint shop. Black....should look hard, well thats the plan-you decide but I love it!

Latest updated and ffinished photos are on the new cars for 2007 page click here

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