Dan Bloomer

Danny Bloomer is a 22 year old from Paisley (signs in as Dan on the chat room). He was 90% through a rebuild on a Mini, with a Metro turbo engine, before he suddenly saw the light. He then went straight out and bought a '73 AMC Javelin. With the 318ci motor it was quick in comparison to Minis!, but the handling was piss poor. Dodgy air shocks and bias belted tyres didn't help.

       He brought it in to Ross Morrison to look at the rear suspension, and from there things snow-balled.    A sort of Pro Street Touring style is planned. The 318 and 727 were sold. A  9" Ford back axle with Strange shafts is ready to be hung on a 4 bar.

He then blew his brains out on e-bay and bought a 'Vette LT1 and a T56 manual box. 14x15 and 7x15 Weld Pro stars are also in the mix.

    It is gonna be black, and lower than a racing snake!

  He is now at the stage where, things can get depressing (as I to well know).

Body is bare metalled and ready to go on the chassis table for back halving, but there is a serious amount of rot in the arches. Most of the floor is good, but is being removed to achieve the required stance.

  He has also just been moved with his work to Aberdeen, so instead of being 10 mins from Ross, he is now more than two hours away. But one thing for sure if Ross has a hand in its build it will be one awesome ride.. keep with it Dan!

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