Nick Tebbs

If that name seems familiar but you are not sure why... think of metalflake, think of a wild metalflaked pop Pop, think of wild red T yep you got it... er well you have got Nick's Owd Fella that is Metalflake Mick Tebbs, yep  this is his Son so like father like son Nick has got the Hot Rodding Bug and what a great bug this one is.

Some will remember way back in time, I don't know how old Nick is, but I am betting he aint much older that when this Great Rod hit the pages of Custom Car back in January 1982.. It was originally built by Merv Barnett from Bristol,  it was owned by Simon Pickford who got it off Chris Boyle .. Simon made it the Cool Highboy it was as we saw it in CC.  I think it was one of the first rods in the Uk to go fenderless?? or at least one of the first hi profile Rods to run fenderless and mighty cool it looked to..

Now Mick has informed me he has bought the 32 for his son Nick who is one lucky son of a spraygun  that's for sure.


It still has its chrome drop-tube on a four bar and leaf spring, 2.5L Daimler V8 and auto box, i.r.s. from an S-type jag. It's been locked up for years and owned for the last 20yrs by the same owner.

It's been fairly neglected, but Nick & Mick have got big plans for it over the next few months. Mick took his lad out in it the other day after the pair of them had slaved away, to get it through the mot.

The both said "it was absolutely brilliant"  Mick added he has been waiting for that day all his life to get his son his own cool Rod and finally he had made it. How great is that!     

They are looking forward to the coming season, it can't come quick enough..... for the both of  them!!  

Just a bit of XFB's History kindly sent in by Dave Hodge

The first pic is from around '78 and this was the first Nats that I attended. I think that this was also the first appearance of this car as I remember that it caused quite a stir. There weren't many Hiboy's around at that time and I think that this was one of the first jago bodied cars built in the trad style.

The next pic is from '79 at the southern roadster show at Beaulieu. I was a member of a club called Early Times back then and we had a club trip to the show. A group of us went to the show in John Riley's Humber Imperial Limo and it was a great day. I think that this was the only Rods-only show back then.

The next pic is a few years later, Billing '81, and it had been re-built by the new owner by then. We followed this car and Speed Freak for quite a few miles in to the show, which was very lucky as I did not know the way. I had a couple of shots of these cars on the road but can not find them at the mo.

Please excuse the quality of the pics as they were taken on a kodak instamatic, but I hope you find them of interest,

Dave Hodge

Young blood

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