Understeer is most easily characterized as front end plow. The front wheels will want to go straight on however much you turn the wheel, to reduce under steer try one or a combination of the following: -

To reduce understeer:

  1. Install softer front springs
  2. Install stiffer rear springs
  3. Install softer front roll bar
  4. Install stiffer rear roll bar
  5. Raise front tyre pressures
  6. Lower rear tyre pressures
  7. Use wider front tyres
  8. Reduce front toe in
  9. Move weight rearward
  10. Reduce front camber
  11. Increase rear camber

Oversteer is the phenomenon where the rear end of the car will want to swing round in a corner making the driver correct the situation by steering in the opposite direction of the turn, it should be corrected to neutral steering by following any or a combination of these below: -

To reduce oversteer:

  1. Install stiffer front springs
  2. Install softer rear springs
  3. Install stiffer front roll bar
  4. Install softer rear roll bar
  5. Use wider rear tyre
  6. Increase front toe in
  7. Move weight forward
  8. Increase front camber
  9. Reduce rear camber

By John Fraser

Also with 4bar set ups:

Raising the chassis end of parallel four bars will promote oversteer. When set level they will give neutral to slight understeer.

Paul Nicholls

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