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Welding up Trim Holes

Trim holes are best welded up if you haven't a mig welder then you can hire one . To weld the holes first get a scrap piece of metal and drill a hole
in it of a similar size to the trim hole and have a go at welding it up. Don't press the trigger and hold it pressed as the heat build up will
distort the panel and might make the hole bigger. Pulse the trigger letting it cool in-between welds  i.e. when it stops glowing red, patience is more
important than skill as a mig will weld up an elephants Arse if given enough time .

 Then grind of with a 60 grit sanding disc making sure you don't over heat, it if you go through start again .

Right removal of old paint ? 

The easiest method is paint stripper but don't wash of with water as that will produce surface rust wipe it of with old rag or paper wipes then any that's let will D.A off when its dry. Make sure there's a cover on interior parts or plastic parts around the area as paint stripper will mark these type of products . The other option is to D.A the paint but this is long and very Boring ( D.A Dual action sander ) . The next option is an inch grinder with a rotary wire wheel the very heavy duty type and just go for it. Just don't hit any thing that you don't want to, either take them off or mask them up with 2 inch masking tape and cardboard. 

Ready to Paint!

To paint the dash and door shuts etc first remove the doors get the whole car into primer. Paint every thing that's not on the outside of the
car i.e. inside of doors, doorshuts, dash,  inside of bonnet,  inside of boot lid etc and  make sure every thing is how you  like it to look. Then rub the primer down on the outer surfaces re hang the doors and mask out the door shuts  and inner doors, mask of all the other bits that you have painted.

Take the bonnet and bootlid out of the garage and leave till later on. Panel wipe the whole car then tack rag it (Tack rags are a piece of lint free
material with a sticky surface which collects the dust etc left on the panel do this bit right and you should get a good finish ) turn the tack rag over
when it looks like its getting dirty.  Keep doing this over the hole car then your ready to paint.
 Wet the floor but don't splash the car then with a broom sweep the water about . 


Spraying the easy bit!  Make sure you follow the makers data sheet to the letter when mixing the paint then start on the roof then the R/h front wing working your way to the back of the car across the back panel and down the other side and the other half or the roof. Take your time and watch that the paint over laps the bit above and for the second coat ditto. Materials can be purchased at places such as Brown brothers
/Morrelies / Movac ltd  or check in yellow pages under paint retailers . There are 2 grades of paint which reflects in the price the more expensive
paints give a better finish and better U.V protection.  If you've not fallen a sleep yet your garage will properly need lining to help to stop dust a good
product for that is polymask it comes in a roll and isn't that expensive hope this helps!

To be updated Thanx to uk_hotrods member David Crees!

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