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I have started to put the latest photos at the top save you scrolling through some you may have seen already arent I kind ;o)

Here is Toads latest an arm pin-up and a hard as hell flaming 8ball on his twatting fist ;o)
I know he has a new neck one just to complete his new rocka billy image i am working on getting it on here.

Dusty Laugher
Ouch... Dusty Laugher has had some more pain in the form of Hot Rod Body Art put upon his person.... Amazing!!

Will Paton
You may remember Will from page 1 with the Leg ink well this is his upper body some nice fine work going on here with a Hot Rodding flavour for sure.

One of Odgies Tats, done many moons ago, when you were a rebel with them not trendy  ;o)

Terry Stephens (72Stang)
Plenty of Rod themed Tats done by Terry at Deep Blue Tattoo Eastbourne East Sussex 07909 500284 and tell him lowlife sent ya .

Johnny (Bop) Macklin
Cool body art done by Mo form The Family Business in Exmouth Market, London EC1

Martin Knight
Tattoo by Brendon at ink images BOS Somerset

Steve Hale

Recent piece of work on Steve's left arm. More has happened since the photo's, but still a long way to go says Steve. Work was done by Terry Walters at Tattoo U.K. in Rayners Lane.

James Gitttings Upper Arm piece, 8 Ball, Aces and Flames. Was done in SelfridgesBirmingham.

Will Paton's latest addition to his leg work. (stop pumping them calfs out Will ya'l get cramp) ;o)

Amanda Paton's back piece.
Yes Wife of Will

Work just started on it last month, so two more sessions to go, should be finished by crimbo.
Amanda spied this in CK Deluxe and loved it, it's a picture by a guy called Linton Ginther.  check out his stuff at, it pretty cool.

It was done by Judy @ The Ink Minx in Montrose, she added the flames to bring it all together

Toad (Mark Pointings)
Toad designed this V8 Style Tat himself and got Ady Barbers Tattoo shop in New Morden to do the fine work. Cooool eh!

Rob Stevens (Prunehog) latest Cool Back piece Nice work from a young guy At Tattoo Crazy in Canbridgeshire.

Will Patons latest inner arm work

And to even things out here is his other inner arm all ready for his trip to Viva Las Vegas

Amanda's update date on her back piece

And here it is all finished, soon to be strutting her stuff at Viva La Vegas with Hubby Will Cool eh. One of the most original designed Tats I have seen.

Nigel Nesslings very first ink and what a great one to get for a starter.

From an Original design by Nigel Nice flames.

Gary Tunn's Flaming Leg

Frazer Kirkwooods amazing back piece here as work gets started by Steve Potton about 22 more hours of pain to go should be quite impressive when finished cool.

This is Jason Springates cool back piece. This is his first Tatto *ouch* Hey if your gonna get one might aswell be a big un! Should be further on than this by now as he was booked in 3rd December for more work. Going to be awesome as he has planned lots of more stuff to be added.

Just add these last two then its a new page.

Amazing Colour from 25yr old Nick Horn with a sneaky glimpse of a Von Dutch flying eyeball

Toad gets even more ink in a very predomenant place on his neck... whoo again amazing colour.

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