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Dave Leach
Dave Leach and his Cool new Hot Rod Tattoo A Rodder for life! Credit for this groovy body Art is Lee From Nottingham who is also into Rods, so knows the crack. If ya are up for a Rod Tat or any for that matter bell him at (0115) 9736308. 

Dave Leach
Dave's latest Tat, Piston Flames and chequered Flag just done some colour going on soon.

Steve Lang ( Langy)                                                         Mark Pointing (Toad)

 (Left) Steve Lang's (Langy)  Hot Rod Tattoo's about 30yrs old now the Tat's that is not Langy. He had em done when he was quite young  :>) (Right) Mark Pointing's (Toad) Latest Tattoo a full Flame job (he's breathing in here)

Kev Bruce is 23 and from Perth, Scotland Kev states he will be a Rodder till he die's. Credit for the artwork goes to Gary Wiedenhof check out his great work at also here is a pic of his fiancée Leahann's flame tattoo. Kev says he will  soon have her talked into a massive Von Dutch Flying Eyeball across her shoulder blades lol.



Andy Carter
Under Construction Flames see his Groovy Truck  Click here

Tony Byng's
showing his loyalty to the Blue Oval V8.

Spencer (Spence) Manley's
Flaming V8 done at the Supernats 04

 newly coloured Flame job Rodder for life!

Will Paton, Flaming Legs
Done by Judy (the Ink Minx) in Montrose, 2 hours a leg, yet to be finished with flaming eight balls/ dice. Will has got a few more and says he will  get his wife to take some snaps. Currently working in Africa, originally from Montrose.

Dusty Laugher
This piece was started during the first week of January and was worked on every two weeks [for 2-3 hours per session] until the Saturday before Easter. The final plan calls for a large skull centred below the centre piece and surrounded with stuff such as the ace of spades and dice with flames filling the gaps. Between the centre piece and the flying eyeball will be black and grey smoke with skulls interspersed. The centre piece is a modified piece by JFN which is clearly inspired by Roth's monster art. The flying eyeball is obviously Von Dutch and is an accurate copy of an original by the man himself as you can do. The flaming 8-ball skulls are modified from a drawing  found in a mag. Ink was done by  Dick at Bodification in Northampton

Andy Marsh
came back from Landzarote with a new tat! A German guy called Yani his website is  Andy say's he really took his time and wouldn't let him leave till he was 100% happy with it. Andy says he has, persuaded his wife they need another holiday (Landzarote) of course.

Me Holmsey
Well it had to happen didn't it, I went into my mate Stu's (Pinky Dorman of Living Canvas Barrow in Furness) the Tattooist. I was supposed to be getting some gaps in my arm ink, filled in. I took him a photo of a Cartoon Rod I fancied putting on my left right shoulder, one day, he said we'll do it now.... errr this is what I got ;o) Now I am a Rodder for life! You lot are a bad influence on me ya know! I go for colour in a couple of weeks, Candy Orange.

Well here it is in all its glory aint it something if you want similar Stu is ya man say Holmsey sent ya. The hole you can see in the roof was where Stu found a bit of metal stuck in my back had a tube grown round it, my daughter said she had seen it there about 4yrs ago, I can vaguely remember her trying to get it out ;o)

Andy Marsh 2

Andy's latest arm piece done by Carl the (guv) at look out for him at most drag-racing meets where he races "whole lotta rosie" a ford sierra in PRO ET Look out for more Hot Rod ink from Andy's bod as he is out to win the unofficial most rod tattoos on one body comp ;o)

Terry (NSRA 72Stang)

Body Art by Terry at Deep Blue Tattoo in Eastbourne East Sussex , Back piece been going on about a year now and still not finished (bit like my car).


Stevey Lang (Langy's) latest Body art, this is a design that Langy did himself *classy*

Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson 18yrs, currently building model T rat rod pick up.

Andy Marsh latest, done by Stu Pinky Dorman, at Living Canvas


Chris Scott from 666 Tattoo's work on fellow Rodder Leon

Rodders for life

Dusty's backpiece cont'd

Scott Mason

Design on the left is one of Scott's own creations.

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If you have any Hot Rod related body art, then how about you send me a shot of em to put on here Cheers Holmsey.

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