Preston May you never know!

As my truck is still very much a project I went to the Preston do in my crappy old daily (Diesel Escort Van) When the Lea gate came into sight, it looked like the venue was choker. Even out of the corner of your eye you can sense Rods, its the colours ya know they do stand out from Say Yank muscle and the like. I got quite a buzz in me gut at last Preston is back on the up where it should be. Posing here in the first shot is a great character and I am proud to know him, Geoff Linacre He is the guy irresponsible for the superb panel fit and crazy 60's style paint job on Shaun Hot Rod Gazette Wilson's Boss real Steel Genuine 32 5 winda swapped a wife for this he did ya know.

This was a cool opportunity for a nose to nose shot of two mean 60's throw back Rods if ever there was one. I stood and I stood but would these fukers move would they heck as like ;o) I gave up in the end and went for a toddle round.

Nice pastel 30A Sedan always looks nice and has a cracking stance I love it.

There were a few Pops there I love this little green un, I am not sure what it runs but I sure do hope it is something that will shock the
Rice Rockets or any modern car for that matter. How funny must it be to blow some young knob in his boom box away from the lights
I bet their face would be a picture a real wolf in sheep's clothing this one.... er I hope ;o).

Great looking Pop, not sure what's going on with the Rear Whitewall and the front blackwall. Another nice sitting Pop though love the

Yep another cool pop.

Now if I was to go all modern, this would be my choice, the old MK3 Zephyr or is it Zodiac.. Old Z cars motor anyway. I can remember in the
Very early 70's I was in my Anglia and a local guy had one of these, lowered to the deck with wide steels, and a very Hot straight 6 with triple
carbs.. Many did that sucker go... well maybe not so fast nowadays, but it sure sounded and looked the bowslocks as he blasted me into the ground down Haverthwiate flats a local testing ground back then.. I have always fancied one since then.
I would love one as a daily would have to be racing green though as the one from my youth was.

This brings back memories, My old fella loved his big Mk4 Ford Zodiacs er or is it Zephyr again fuk I dont know. His pride and joy was a V6
powered Zodiac Executive, he was mad or cool enough to lend me it when ever I wanted. Sheezz the fun we had in that and his Granada's
was just crazy, 19yr old lad in a V6 monster as it felt back then, full of his biker mates how we never all died I will never know.. My old fella is on his last legs now, jumping that final hurdle.. I am sad looking at this car remembering me dear old dad, but i do remember all the fun we had at the expense of his cars.. I never wrecked one though.I did always bring them back in one piece, though the gas tank was always empty ;o)
Great to see one done so well cool car.

This is Jets 54 F100, I took this photo not cus I am all arty farty, but I wanted to see how much of the air deflector show behind the grill
as I am not sure how flat I need to get mine for paint. Jet is a cool guy who I have got to know from going to Preston, he is one of
them real easy to get on with guys no edge no ego, just into the scene its a pleasure to be in his company.

Dunknow who's this ace looking Chevy Truck belongs to, cool looking thing though don't ya tink, just needs a hand full of lowering
and nowt else.

Me old mate Odgie's road rebel F1 parked next to a Lincoln that looks like it just had to mark its territory.

I hear this unholy row coming down the road and everyone looked it was Mad Andy in his crazier than Crazy
blown T... I thought I would try and get a shot from a different angle for a change and sat right in his way.
This was as close as I dare let him get before I took the shot and then jumped for my life. As you can see in his face he is thinking
who the chug is that muppet crouched in the way, I will just run the twat over ;o)... and I am sure he would of if I had tried to
out bottle him. You cant possibly out bottle someone who drives a car as wild as this one can you...

Here is is alighting his ride, once he realized who I was, he was asking... nay he was telling me take your Video to
the Drags as we are going out for a ride in this mad machine... I thought yeah great stuff until he started relaying
a tale or two of his road testing of the beast and pulling the front wheels in the air and other such tales... I think
I am far to old and sensible now for any of that malarky.... but ya never know.

This is Phillpa Rawsthornes 34 powered by her ex super banger motor....

Pete Whitesides new daily Hack what he has just imported. a 60's Ford Falcon.

Paul Kennedy's 60's Drag car now all street legal.

Nice line up with Damien Bacon's A sedan in the fore ground.

Keith skinny wheel Freeman. While his 32 gets a new blower he is out playing in is it? I am kak
at identifying cars. It looks like he took one front wheel and spliced it in half and but a half on each front corner.... man them wheels
is thin, old pitza cutters if ever I saw em.

This is Keith's Brother *thingy* I always forget names cool Y on 80's knock off wires.

When I saw this I knew it just had to be one of Odgie's or his brother Scott's sure enough it was Scott's
Just so so cool. Odgie and Scott found the barrel and head at a swap meet all rusty just the week before and here it was
running sweet. When it came time to go, Scott stuck on the ally piss pot you see holding the bike up, clipped on some bike lights
and proceeded to run up and down the car park until it fired into life, then putted off into the night air, like it was just the natural thing to do.
Well I guess it is when you has Odgie type blood.. Ace!

I finally got a clear shot or two of Shaun's sex on wheels 32, how amazing must it be to go out into your garage
and have this stare you back in the face? A real deal 32 5 winda.

Here is the motor a 348 do da that is rarer than and more desirable than a Rembrandt ink sketch.
It just makes it so much more the real deal being powered by this rare a motor great looking rocker covers and shaped heads eh.
if I was one of them jealous types I sure would Hate him ;o)

And finally the shot I had waited for most of the night the two Boss cars of Wilson and Kennedy ;o) with nobody in the way..Dont they just look like they are squaring up to each other eh!

Well it was getting on, I felt a bit weird, like I didn't really feel like talking to anyone... a bit like a stranger for some obscure reason..
So after watching a few launch up the road and a rock and roll demonstration I snook away into the night for a chinese and the short jaunt
Back to the lakes. Been a long time since I have done write up, best get used to it as it is Drayton this week and the First Lake district run
the week after, the pre 49, that will be some write up ;o)

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