Sunday Nice Enough to Eat

The car park was buzzing by the time I got there Sunday Morning about 10:30am. Me and Peter (Bakey) were in two minds what to organise for the Sunday run out, my brief was the per49's love to drive so do a good long run out for both days.. Now I put myself in the pre49'ers place and thought what would I want to do Sunday. A short run out along the coast where we live and on to a really nice venue for a Sunday Carvery an all you can eat Carvery for £6.95 what more could you want. The place is in the grounds of an old 12th century Abbey. To tie in with that, we had managed to get a guide to take us round Conishead Priory a magnificent Gothic Mansion that an order of Tibetan Monks have returned to its former glory and also built a Golden Temple an absolutely awesome set of buildings. When we thought we had it all worked out, the guide phoned and said he couldn't make that date as they had a seminar to get ready for, turned out the twat was lying and just didn't fancy taking such a large group round the mansion.. and this is a Manjushri Monk bad Karma I would say bloody hypocrite I hope he comes back as a slug;o)

So we had to scrap that idea and go straight to the carvery with a short stop at the Abbey Ruins. Everyone seemed ok with that. So we was all Buzzing for the Off.

See how rodders respect each others rides, to stop any damage to either cars with a strategically place cushion, you don't get that in Asda Carpark.

Here you can see Langy and Mickey Tebbs doubles as we ready for the Sunday run out. I had to find a lift for myself today, which was proving slightly difficult as everyone seemed up for this one. The children and wife's who didn't go on the Sat run were all going today. I guess because a Sunday Lunch Carvery is very much a family event and I was so chuffed everyone was up for it. I didn't care if I had to walk there I was just glad we had so many going.

Debs, Dusty's wife very graciously offered me her seat as she would go in their daughter Natalie's daily. My miss's was also going in my mate Pudzz daily and my daughter the same and the rest of our gang.. I asked that they didn't take up any Rod parking places if we struggled anywhere and they all agreed, but it is very hard to do any more than that, but this had to be about the Pre49'ers most importantly, not a family outing for us.

We lined up outside the main entrance of Lakeland (Haven) again. I was in the navigator's seat of Dusty's ace 30A Coupe with a big daft smile on my face. Well what was it like to be in a genuine steel 1930 Model A coupe then I hear you say ;o)... it was a proper Jalopy is what first comes to mind, and just the best Buzz and fun I have had in a very long time.. it rattled over every divert in the road and banged and jumped on every pot hole.. and we just laughed at how cool it was and it was just FUN... and the Crossplies were chirped and squealed at every opportunity. Yep Dusty is a true Hot Rod Hooligan and likes to drive quickly. Dusty's theory was that the faster he drove at the front the better chance everyone had of getting out of junctions and keeping together.. but he didn't bank on a couple of slow coaches or should I say Rodders into a more leisurely Sunday drive out ;o)

Some needed Fuel and a top up of Oil. The Carbon Footprint tour was keeping up to its name.
We regrouped and let them take on fluids at a local supermarket. The Sun was shining on us and it was great to be in the company of so many nice people just into the cars no, one up manship or trophy hunting just Rods and a good day out. A Cop van was lurking about but didn't seem to be to bothered about us and I think he had just come to the Supermarket for his breakfast ... but when you are in a fenderless car and with so many Rods, I was feeling he was going to pull us.. but nope he just drove by like this was an everyday occurrence in Sunny Ulverston.

I rang my brother in law to get out into his garden and watch us drive by and also my son and his family to find a vantage point to see us. My Grandson loves the Hot Rods and was really excited and loved the one with the flames best. It was real nice having a few spectators along the route. My mate Pudzz video 'd us all so that will be a great little Vid capturing the moment. I will try and get a copy done for everyone who took part as a little memento, if I can.

The route took us out along the Furness coast road and round Morecambe Bay. A nice contrast me and Bake's thought to the Mountains and fells the day before, which you can just see in the background.

We did get split up when a Horse box pulled out on the back marker cars. Bakes who was sat at the Back in his Anglia phoned me with a little panic in his voice saying we should stop first safe opportunity so they could catch up. The views across the bay were worth driving slowly for anyway.

So we had an unscheduled stop on the beach front and another photo opportunity, while the others caught us up. As Sterling Dusty Moss had kept the pace on the ball all along the coast and the back ones couldn't pedal hard enough to keep up I guess.

We skirted the Town of Barrow in Furness (where I work) and took a twisty narrow back road to Furness Abbey a 12th century building that saw more than its fair share of conflict and controversy before Henry VIII saw fit to bring in the bulldozers. I think this is one of the more complete ruins if that isn't a contradiction, that still exists. Ya know I went to school only a few hundred yards away from here, even as a 5th former used to jig it and go to the Abbey Tavern for some Beer, I have lived within a few miles of the place since 1960 yet I have never been into the Abbey Grounds to have a look. It just looked like a piles of old bricks to me, but having organised this run out, I have come to appreciate just what a magnificent piece of history we have here. I am going to make an effort and have a good look round very soon.

As we rounded the steep bend that leads down into the Abbey grounds, there as if ordered as a prop for the Rodders, was a Goth and I swear she was floating about 5 inches off the ground as she encased herself in the atmosphere of the Abbey Ruins. We didn't plan for a long stay here again just enough for a couple of photos, and for everyone to just take in the magnificent's of what this incredible architectural feat must of been like 700hundred years ago.

The Rods looked ace against the backdrop of the Abbey and just a few hundred yards away was the Abbey Tavern where we were to have our Sunday Lunch. A few people had made it to the Abbey to see the Rods and made for a real nice atmosphere I thought. Once everyone was ready we hopped back into the Rods and did the short 500yds to the Abbey Tavern

Being lead car Dusty and I were first parked and I snapped off a couple of shots of the cars arriving, it looked so perfect and all was running like clockwork.

Once we were all parked we filed into the Abbey Tavern for us grub.

There was a little confusion as for some unknown reason the waitress's were told we would be coming in two sittings? And once the reserved 36 spaces were filled they said the rest were not allowed in the other room (Restaurant) a few chose to eat outside, but after a little disruption, and Mark the owners intervention, around another 10 were seated in the front Restaurant area (very Posh). Mark the owner and Johnny Vegas look alike looked a bit panicky so that found me panicky also. I may of got on his case a bit as I saw all the meat, yorkies and roasties out and said should I get people to come up now for food.. No he said the waitress's will bring you up a table at a time.. I panicked more as nothing seemed to be happening.

There seemed no organisation to me, so I got another drink from his very attractive wife Tatiana who works the bar. But all slowly clicked into place, oh not before Bakey who must of felt the same as me, got all from the restaurant to follow him for the food already out... But Mark said not yet guys, we are doing a table at a time ( and they were last).

How it worked and I see Mark was organised all along, was they bring out a very large bowl of freshly cooked and piping hot Veg to your table, then you go get your meat, yorkies and roasties. And I must say you got an absolute mountain of excellently cooked food. Many when asked what there was, were told, ham. turkey, beef, pork or Lamb they said yep that will do and got a good few pieces of each.

I hoped the people outside were Ok as it wasn't summer and food goes cold quick outside, but I never heard one complaint only praise Mark and the Abbey Tavern did us all proud even though I was vague about final numbers. Note: my mother goes regular to the Carvery and Mark commented that he was very surprised not one single person came back for seconds, I forgot to tell everyone it was an all you can eat carvery Doh!

The alfresco diners not all of these were with us, there was a christening on here as well, bet they thought there were coming out for a nice peaceful Sunday Lunch, mind you I wouldn't mind a bunch of rodders gate crashing any of my do's would you.

After a good natter outside, some were ready for home and left before the 2nd leg of the planned Sunday route. Lee Hall, Brian Crossland and their wife's were first to leave bound for the North East. Here Lee had a close encounter with the hedge as it is a tight turn out of the car park, designed more for Monks sat in a horse drawn cart than a Model A sedan.

And Of't they go. Alan & Carol Spittle also planned to leave from the Tavern in their understated yet cool Blown 37. It wasn't until I watched them leave ( forgot photo) that I realised Alan had that chopped top stoop while sat in the coupe and I knew it didn't have a chopped top, so how come?... ahh haa it twigged instead of lowering the roof raise your seat nice one ;o)

We asked if everyone was ok with carrying on with what was in the itinerary, everyone agreed to keep to the plan, but also they would like to go to the Motor Museum at Holker. That is just a couple of miles from Haven and we didn't include it as we thought it to close and again to be honest I have never been and didn't think it would be much cop.

We came out up through this 12th Century Arch onto Abbey Road, to the left is another magnificent building Abbey House all made form the same red sand stone as the Abbey real Posh, we did try to get there for the Sunday meal but it had two weddings and a christening on that day. But I was glad now we went for the tavern as it was such great value.

We did a quick trip round Town (Barrow in Furness) past the cop shop ;o) Over the bridge to where the Submarines are built, then over another bridge onto Walney Island a short and very narrow strip of land (a sandbank really) that has the Irish Sea on one side and Walney channel on the other, it wouldn't take much for it to be swept away and it shrinks more and more each year. A wild place often with the strong winds coming off the Sea. I told everyone that as we past the ship building houses, to keep all their windows firmly shut and their doors locked and keep moving at all times and under no circumstances make eye contact with any locals Ha Ha... I am not sure how many believed me, but some looked worried ;o) The old buildings at one time were a very rough area but it aint so bad now.

Once onto Walney, we stopped and did a short walk over to look out over the Sea, on a clear day you can see the Isle of Man but sadly today was not a clear day, Pudzz said on a very clear day you can see Ireland errr I am not so sure about that but the I O M yes definitely. Chris Taylor piped up, yeah and if you stand on someone's shoulders you can see America ;o) There are a load of windmills out at sea and a gas rig to see but not a lot else, so not sure if people thought it quite worth the journey. But to the east is the Ship yard and the massive submarine buildings, that go down below the ground as high as they are above, they are awesome. The Subs enter from under water then are dry docked inside, an incredible sight so I have been told.

We just stopped a short while and when everyone was ready we zoomed back to Holker Hall. We past another Copper sat at a roundabout but he couldn't careless and we carried on unhindered.

As I said before I have never visited Holker Hall, I tell a lie I went once in 1987 in a Vette for a Vette rally and parked in one of its fields, but that was it. I was very impressed when we drove in how visitor friendly it has become. the parking area was very neat and picturesque.

We made our way up to the Museum, but alas it was £7.50 and was only open for another 15mins.. so I must apologise to those that really wanted to have a look round, I now wish we had incorporated that into the itinerary, maybe next time eh. So we consoled ourselves with a nice cup of coffee and a piece of cake and sat round a large table and told a few tales.. I really did enjoy that and wished I had done more of it, there were people there I did want to get to know better, but had my head up my arse so much I never found time and I had to spend time with my princess to. That said I had to leave now as she had already gone back to Haven to get the caravan loaded up and could not understand why I had to stay here and not come with her so we could get home.

Dusty took me back to Haven so I could help get my caravan loaded up and ready for home... ahhhhh it had been a blast and blast it back Dusty the Hooligan did, ha ha he said to me are you frightened, now I am a terrible passenger but I was not frightened and I told him why.. Dusty we are in a genuine Steel A coupe and your dream Car you are not going to risk wrecking this now are you, so no I am not frightened as I hung on for dear life as we rattled shook and jumped down the narrow track to Haven... Now then if we were in a modern car I would be ;o) This was my final photo to round off the weekend me saying my goodbyes to Dusty and thanking him for a great Ride out.

But then as I left for home I saw Steve and Kim in the Morris eight coming back from Holker Hall. I had sat for ages back at my caravan to so they must of had a good look round... er something else I must do this year visit Holker Hall and the motor museum.

Then as we neared Hollker Hall Michelle Hay rounded the corner.. what a great way to end a fantastic weekend.

I cant thank the Rodders who made the effort to come to the Lakes Pre49 enough, I thank them for their great company and for coming up or down here in such superb Rods. I thank Steve Marley for organising them all to come and for believing in me enough to organise the weekends drive outs, Bakey for helping me as without his help I don't think I could of pulled this off.

Ya know it has made me a lot more confident that we could have another Run here in the future maybe just the same routes with just a couple of small changes. I quite fancy a Pre70 Pick-up only meeting if I was to do it again but then again maybe not.. I best get my Truck done first eh!
Be Seeing You.
Holmsey xxx

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