Grub up

The heavy rain was now just a drizzle and the jaunt through Penrith was a great bonus and added that little extra to the planned route. I jumped out of Lee's A to stand and direct the Rods, just to make sure everyone knew where to turn into the Crown Inn Carpark as we got split up at the single track Eamont Bridge Traffic lights a couple of hundred yards back.. Some were already there so must of stayed to the originally planned route maps I gave them, which was great to know some where actually reading what I had printed out.

The Crown is a great Old historic Inn and I am not sure they were quite ready for the onslaught of the neck end of 40 hungry and thirsty Rodders descending upon it. The Rods looked amazing coming over the brow of Eamont Bridge and down the soggy road into the Inn car park.

I was real chuffed with the way it was all going, everyone got to the Meal stop without any casualties and the Crown looked like a good choice, Craig Dixon recommended it, I have never eaten here, I only stopped in the car park for a short while when I was working out the route the other week.

I took the opportunity while everyone was going in the Inn to order food and drinks to get a few photos. These two guys had followed us in after seeing all the rods file in to the car park. I heard Rumor one had said to his mate, ahh now this is a an old one and will only have a little 4 cylinder sidevalve in it.

Me trying to get all arty,

I just clicked off a couple of more shots as I was getting very hungry and everyone was in inside by now, some already eating.

It came to me I hadn't even taken a photo of my mate Bakey's Anglia, Bakey helped me do the Sunday drive out route etc. Now he was part of the pre 49 run he started looking round and said he now realize's the 80's stance of his Anglia is looking a tad dated and is talking of lowering it, I love the modern look but must admit following Bakey the effect of the cartoon stance does have an appeal. he needs a cruising light though for full effect ;o)

Mo and Rich braved the inclement weather through the lakes, all they had left was the high winds down Shap to face now.

This was my ride for the Day Lee Hall's Cool A Sedan which drove faultlessly all day.

We were all thirsty so why not the cars to, I think Phil Perry has a steam engine in his 37 as it took on some water at the Crown Inn.

Dusty's steel 30A was getting some Lakes Medals to proudly show off with rooster tails blazing all the way up through the first leg of the route, he to was to have fun feeling the wrath of Shap on the return leg... F100 Steering box's with mucho play and high winds down a twisty steep incline oh what fun! The only fenderless Rod on the Pre49 this year.

Krista and Colin Parkinson along with Dusty Pose for the camera while Dusty's wife Debs and daughter Natalie hide, maybe they are wanted who knows " No Photo's" ;o)
Once inside the Crown, I was relieved it was such a nice place with loads of room, the food menu was vast and they served us very quickly considering how many people where thrust upon them. I did ring prior to the drive up there saying around 20 - 30 cars would be coming but I couldn't say who would want food or not. As it happened I think everyone ordered food, I ordered a Thai Green Curry and it was excellent. I heard no complaints at all. Result. I did say to the owner Hi I am the guy who phoned you telling you we were coming, he said to my surprise Oh right I will smack you later?? Huh? I said Oh I thought I would get a free drink not a smack.. He just smiled.. er so I smiled back... but still no free drink. Ha Ha some people eh. He was Ok in the end and thanked me and I thanked him back an excellent place with great food, If I ever do organise another Run and I am thinking of it, maybe a pre60's Truck meet I fancy I would go back there again.

Suitably nourished we all came out to clearing sky's and sunshine with there being no time schedule to keep to, we just relaxed and talked outside in the car park for a while until everyone was ready to travel on. I tried to keep it as relaxed as possible just a bunch of mates having a day out enjoying the rods and each others company, so no strict time table.

Here is my daughter Nic posing next to here ride for the day how cool is that to be riding round the lakes in such an amazing rod.

The only downer on the whole weekend was Ian McCourbrey's arrow straight Panel getting a nudge on the front corner, by I suspect the to guys in the top photos in the silver Merc. It was just a slight nudge but enough to scuff the paint and put a dent in his stainless headlamp rim......... the dozy Buggers!

Note where Ian's Panel is parked and the angle a car would of needed to be at to strike his front head light, then go to the arty shot and see the silver Merc's position and I think we have our culprit.

The next part of the trip was down Shap which is a very steep luckily for us incline it is a grueller coming north up Shap but we was going South back into Kendal and back to camp. Shap is notorious for high winds and is often closed to high sided vehicles and caravans, in the winter it is often closed because of Snow but today it was sunshine and high winds. Dusty in the 30A Coupe, Maurice in the T and Dave with the Merc all had hairy moments when the winds took them on a detour across two of the three lanes on the Shap road.

Not many miles down the road Bakey in the Anglia saw a rocker cover breather cap come bouncing down the road he managed to retrieve it without running it over and phoned me to stop first safe opportunity as Maurice had lost his breather cap. Seen as it was Maurice and he was the weekend's hero we would let him off and stop. I don't think he knew as he had a bemused look on his face as Ian Armstrong ran down and tapped it into place.

A short distance from base we had an unscheduled stop at a gas station as the fluids taken on board at the Crown had now worked their way to everyone's bladders and while a couple filled their fuel tanks, most all emptied their personal tanks. The place was full of giggling women on some kind of hen do in two stretched Limo's. I was busting and every time I went to the bogs they were full. I went back the last time and the ladies was empty ahhh relief and as I felt the relief of emptying my bladder, I just pushed out a puffler *Parp*... man did it stink ;o)

No worries I thought until I opened the door and emerged from the ladies toilets to be greeted by 4 or 5 giggling women. who remarked Hey what's he doing coming out of the ladies as I made a hasty retreat to the sounds of Oh My Gawd whats that awful smell urghhhhhhh ;o) Who me?? ;o) Terrrrrrr

Brain Crossland takes on fuel in his cool A Delivery

Not sure what these two likely lads have been up to here or were planning... up to no good I don't doubt.

Couldn't resist this shot, it does suit Dusty don't ya think, he looks like he was born in it and he absolutely loves it you can tell, there really is something about a genuine steel rod. It isn't snobbery or anything like that it is just a feel. Cool as fuk!

Again it was all just a laid back stop and we set off just when everyone was ready no panic. Some as in Michelle and Ian Armstrong kept to the planned route and sailed by as we pulled into this unscheduled stop garage but even though we stayed for a good while they were waiting for us a mile or so down the road in a lay bye.

Once we were already again we hit the road only a few miles left now till we were back at camp and the sun was shining and stayed that way the rest of the weekend.

It was just down this road that the ones who didn't stop at the garage were waiting for us. They joined on the back so we stayed a full line of rods the whole route which does take some doing. We were not the lead car now so I could enjoy seeing rods in front of us and behind which was a stunning sight for sure.. oh how I wish I had my truck done.

This is were we past through 6 hours ago the sleepy retirement town of Grange over sands.

The rest of the day was free time, I watched the last half of the FA Cup final and wished I hadn't bothered. Had a meal at Haven which was very good value and decent enough food. I did hope we could all get to sit together at least one night so we could all gibber away at each other but we struggled. Then Bingo came on and karaoke but it was Ok not great but Ok.

If we could of had a band on or something then it would of been perfect. A few ventured out to try some of the local Pubs for meals and I heard good reports from all who did this, it was good to see people did try and see a bit more of the area. That's about it really, we all had a good laugh swapping stories and we knew each other a little more than we did the day beffore. So we hit the sack at a sensible time, as I was still a little worried about Sundays run out, if it would go as planned and that everyone would enjoy it.


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