NSRA Billing Where da Rain den?

Hi all Billing was as good as ever if not the best ever. The forecast crap weather never happened and the doom and gloom floods had all but gone by the Friday when most of us arrived. I am not going to do my usual ins and outs of a fart write up as to be honest I am loosing precious time that should be being spent on my Truck project. I am all fired up since Billing and I gotta get at it while the enthusiasm is up.

So sorry to those that do read my ramblings and expect a blow by blow account.. but I am going to try and do a quick version, not sure if I can but I sure do hope I can. If anyone really fancies taking over this section or even the full web site then please get in touch as I feel I am getting a bit stale now, they always recon around 5 -7yrs and that's it, I am on my 7th year..

I don't think I am going to do another run apart from the Hot Rod and Hills one 22nd - 24th June up here in Cumbria, so I can concentrate on me Truck and maybe get my life back. ;o) I do sound a moan'y arsed twat but I gotta get it done.. I am not even fed up with the site either, just I cant devote the time this web site and its readers deserve.. I don't think.. Right where was I oh yeah a quick short write up yeah right!

Early Sat evening and the Surrey Street Rodders cars are put to bo bo's

Me and my fine athletic Mate Bakey got down to Billing Friday evening about 9pm, the spot was pretty rammed then, with loads of Rods milling around. We pitched with Ian & Julie Armstrong Green 3holed grill pop, who were later to be joined by their friends Chris & Michelle Hay both with gorgeous cars and they didn't mind me and fatty gate crashing their pitch.

I just had a quick toddle round took a few snaps then darted to the beer tent after signing in. Got a bit wobbly met a few mates. Then crashed after spending a couple of hours back at the Acme camp. One bit that sticks out in my mind was, Bakey who does not know Keith Harman or who he is asked Keith for the time and Keith with his quick wit said " You are only trying to strike up a conversation with me aren't you" and Bakey replied " Fuk Off... I don't need to talk to you" :o) Keith laughed and retorted " I like you" then they got on great ... bit more yakking then an early night to bed 1.30am I am getting far to sensible these days.

Early rise, for me and Bake's (separate tents I must add) ;o) Bloody Bakes kept me up all night mind, sounded like he was using a hammer drill and building a new kitchen in his tent.. Loud Snoring git!

Early Sat and the covers were off what an impressive line up and pretty much the first sight as I walked round.

Sat is cruise day and we were gonna do that in the Pop, but not until a full English washed down with 3 cups of coffee was in order before we could face the day.

Fantastic TotCar

This caused a bit of a stir when it drove in Sat morning. A fresh import 32 5 winda.. with bullet holes to who the frig shoots at a 32 ?? . Shame to paint it, shame to let it rot be nice finshed well though.

Hey look Billy Marshall does go on cruises!

We lined up with the Pops as they were to cruise out on their own. The pops started to file out one by one and Bakes tried to fire the Pop up and wirrr wirrr wwurrrrrrr bugger a flat battery. John Price was so loud on the tannoy we couldn't hear the engine or starter and Bake's was getting a panic on. I thought Hum? big fat lad and a Pop soft ground.. a fat old man (me) trying to push that lot....no sireee.. Luckily after another couple of tries the RV8 rumbled into life "phew" and oft we jolly well wented peddling like hell to catch the convoy of pops.

Some people are just car mad ;o)

Looked rather cool I thought being all the same type of car, I think there should be more of it. All Trucks together all Pre 49 etc would look so much more professional and a lot less Circus if ya know what I mean.

Cruise was to a beer festival and Civil war reenactment, great for me I could have a few pints of warm flat home brew and a curry, maybe not so good for the drivers.

If the Grim reaper has a car it is this one. I could just imagine death knocking on my door and seeing this!

Cracking Car sounded poo looked ace my most stand out pick of the weekend.

Look Simon Phillips gone all trad with some blackwalled crossies.

BBC radio Northampton put a couple of Rodders on the spot.

Back at Billing the show field was full of great cars and the site had Rods driving by all the time was bloody great.

All terrain Pop looks nervous or is it anxious ;o)

I wouldn't stop grinning either if this was my hack. Mind you I wouldn't stop grining if I had nice teeth like Jon either ;o)

Gus's latest a Hi Tec Highboy for sale if you have 38 large. I find Gus a great guy always have a good crack with him.

Sunshine Coupe was the signage on the rear of this cool in rust 30 coupe.

Saw this abandoned in the woods. ;o)

Keith Harmans gorgeous 34 recent import. how about that eh take a Hols in California find your dream car and ship it home.. wow that has got to be the ultimate dream come true.. maybe only be beaten by driving your new Rod across America then ship it back oh how I dream ;o) Not sure if it was in the top ten but it sure would be in mine.

Bob Luxfords new Truck.

I finally got to see Geordie Paul's cool Custom car featured A truck and it was just as great in the flesh, I think these two are spitting on the hot exhausts just to hear the hissssss..


Beer Tent was lively Sat afternoon. some very nice scenery in here to..

I wonder just what this guy imagines he is doing as he rides round hanging onto this dolls shoulders ;o)

Just comparing Russ Grieve's and Brain Watson's 47's Gotta lift round to Langy's for a promised drive of his truck in Russ's I just got to get me a geardrive. Oh and Langy's truck drove ace and sure has spurred me on to get mine done.

Frank Ogdens latest ride, driven over from France.

Saturday night saw everyone stood round or in the Marquee listening to the band who were Ok but some knobs in a Blue Mini Van had to try and educate us old farts with some modern boom music.. I quite liked it but I think apart from the knobs in the van I was in the minority, though it didn't work with the live band who I would of much rather listen to.

Kev Rooney sauntered in and out again for the Saturday only in his christened POS special.

No doubt something dodgy being planned here, one of my heroes can be seen just at the back there, Al O' Conner a fuking legend!! This is Ginner's latest a Corvair ramp side pick-up. Proper Bazzing.

Saw this stunning coupe as we went out in Bakey's Pop and I just had to search it out for a closer look.

And I found it, absolutely stunning pure sex on wheels my absolute dream of the weekend car. Great colour and just as I hope mine will turn out. I was asking the guys who were sat near who's it was and what colour it was.. just in the hope it was a straight colour as mine is a Candy gold and I worry the paint shop aren't experienced enough to lay it on right.... but nope it was even more complicated than mine with mirror flake added just for good measure. I also got to meet Dan Boone which was cool, he had bottled bringing his Roadster because of the shit forecast, open top expensive interior and crossplies..he was now kicking himself.

The under 25's corral was very impressive, nice to see more getting into it and mixing with each other as it must look like a scene full of old people to them.

I was a right boring fart Sat night and left for bo bo's by about midnight I think. The weather was so hot today that I felt really horrible and sticky and didn't want a hang over and be knackerd all day Sunday, I wanted to feel as fresh as a sweaty fat lad could so another early night.. To be kept awake by Bakey again with his hammer drill and some loud ass Bird in the trees which must of been sending out a mating squawk in reply to Bakes snoring I recon.

Some dick head and a half was ragging round in a piss sounding 4 potter squealing tyres etc,, great idea eh with all them tents and expensive cars about.. and I heard one very very horny V8 not sure if it was just revving or driving sounded ace but a bit mad in the early hours.. hey ho!

Sunday as expected was red hot real early.. I was up by 7.15am and really needed a body wash and to empty me barra. I thought I know no body will be up at this time of day on a Sunday I can go have a poo in peace and then get me man boobs washed and shiny before the mad rush starts...

I think this was in the top ten to real nice Roadster pick up.

I sauntered into the gents, not really looking as I expected it to be empty... Jeez I couldn't believe my eyes or ears... the spot was friggin packed with a bloody queue for christsakes.... Oh no and it stunk... everyone gets camping guts and must of had the same idea as me Doh!

Mike Keys revamped 32 after the coupe had a tumble last year..

Saw a couple of Hot Rodding Celebes' in there to so they poo just like us normal people ;o)

Louis latest creation a Tin (South African import) 34 5 winda Louis has made an amazing Rod only finishing it Saturday night, with 12 spokes louvers and all the gear I know this was in the top ten and would be in mine to.

I sure was glad I hadn't started pushing the turtle head out before I found my seat or I would now be in real trouble. I half got me wash and finally got to empty my barra. ahhhhhh Now where is that cafe for the full English then, best fill back up again in case I get unbalanced eh.

This was the one that had the most crowds round it, the latest Creation from Ade Smith, for Crazy Horse Chop builders. On its own the coupe is mind blowing enough but add the beautifully made trailer and chop then what else would you get but a crowd. Update: Ade has a web site so you can see his work or if you are in the market for a Rod or Rod work try http://www.bucklandautomotive.com/ You know you wanna!

Ade kept this sucker under wraps until its new owner got it. There was strictly no camera's allowed at his workshop all the while it was under construction. It is just amazing and beautifully constructed inside as it is out.. Stunning.

I wonder what he was thinking?

Its great going with Bakey as he eats as much as me and I don't get embarrassed like ya do if you are with a muesli eating veggy.

Another shot fof Ginner's ace Corvair pickup.

The show was absolutely amazing with some just jaw dropping cars.

So we saw them downed camp and fuked off home now how's that for a quick write up. ;o) xxx

I don't usually see many Rods on the way home but there were so many this year at Billing chances were very high we would see a couple at least heading North. Saw this A first Man it makes my stomach go all funny when I see a rod on the move.. I know exactly why we all like them so much when I see a sight like this.

We had to pedal like heck to catch Brian Watson up.. when we get home to sunny Cumbria, Brian has about the same again to go. A great story he was telling me was, his miss's had booked them a Holiday in Tenerife and when he asked what date and she said 1st of june he said no fukin way, that's when Billing is on. So Kay his miss's had to go with the Kids and Brian would follow on Monday after Billing now how is that for rodding dedication. Oh and an understanding wife. Mine would cut me bollix off.

I think there must of been some old car rally on somewhere as we passed this old thing with a couple of elderly gentlemen in it in the slow lane holding up traffic. ;o)

Captioned "Snapped Crack and Pop" Photo courtesy of Ian Armstrong that ace crack reporter.

This is where we came in (see top photo) with this hardcore A owner giving the thumbs up and thumbs up it was all weekend superb weather awesome amount of great cars and some real nice people. "Thumbs up to you to Buddy" Note: I just realised I must realy like this car as I have 3 photos of it on this one page alone.

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