The Hills have Rods Sunday Run out

Sunday is the run to Hartside a biker cafe set up on the top of a bloody great hill called Alston and is a fantastic road to drive or ride up or down its cool.

Weather wasn't great but wasn't to bad either it has been horrendous some years but it never puts off a hard core bunch of the Hotrods and hills participants and quite a few day tripping bikers both petrol powered and leg powered.. fuk that I ride a push bike to work and no way would I attempt this hill.. well maybe down it but for sure never up it.

But I digress, the run is great and seeing the Rods in front and behind through this terrain is awesome and sends a tingle up ya spine... could only imagine doing a run with a 1% bike gang could match it ;o)

We stayed a while had a coffee and a snack others had a meal and then we said our goodbyes and headed off back to break camp and do the run home another Hotrods and Hills do over until next year. A few stayed on for another day or so and were treated to a Barbeque back at Craig's very Des Res... Cheers Craig you are a star!


A few set off for home and didn't do the Hartside run out.

Some downed camp but still did the run out to Hartside though.

This is Gregg Milligans cool as Mustang I have known Gregg for hundreds of years he is a Harley Rider and his dream has been to own a 60's Mustang which he full filled a few year back. He just lives a few mile from me and this his first Run to Hotrods and Hills and he really enjoyed it... but a beer or three had his name on it back home in Barra so he had to give the Sunday run a miss.. ;o)

Here he is already in his going out gear ;o)

Another local guy to me is a guy called Tony, this is his HRG street car challenge Super Charged Jensen.. this was the first time I have met him but seen the car a couple of times..

The Run got underway and we stopped a few mile out to re-group.

A couple of Rods knew where they were going and sauntered by.

then we started a traffic jam so we moved out on mass.

Craig and Pudzz lead the way zooming round the twisty's in their 32's... cool


A couple of young lads got a treat as the Rods filed by, the smiles on their faces was a picture.

The climb up Hartside is spectacular especially with rods streaming out as far as you could see down the climb.

Some nutters do this climb on push bikes....

Gus reaching the top after a fun ride up.

Push bikes and Rods share spaces.

Even Truckers did the run out.

;o(... dear old Johnny...

Drum brakes still bearing up to the strain... well up hill anyway ;o)

Followed these downhill so far until we hit traffic and they left be far behind!

On the way back to camp now and start our journey home.

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