Sunday another Run Day!

As is done each year, the Hot Rods and Hills has a run out to Hartside, which is a famous Biker haunt set up on the top of Alston summit. The Cafe there is run like a military machine and the food is excellent. The drive up is not for the faint hearted and tests man and machine as it twists and climbs it's way up to the top.

Cool 35

Richard Parker graced us with his presence and more importantly his stunning 39 Ford "Yum Yum"

My Mate Pudzz rolls a Fag (gave up for 15yr but stress has made him return to the demon weed) as he peruses Craig's 32.

Impressive pinstriping skill of Chris Bunting check out his web site Click Here

For me and I guess everyone else who does the Hot Rods and Hills do, this far out classes any show and shine Trophy hunt as is the norm for almost all other Rod Runs. I forgot to mention also that Craig who organizes this great Lakeland Run, had put together a fantastic folder for every participant. It gave lots of useful information about the run and the surrounding area with a quiz and treasure hunt also enclosed for those who fancied it.. well done that man!

So it was a fairly early rise for us, get breaky on, down camp and then do the drive out.

I forgot to mention also that when Andy "Fadster" arrived it was in a massive removal size wagon with the t inside and caravan in tow. A normal camper arrived and spouted.. "How long are you here for?".... to which Andy replied "Sunday Mate".... The guy was not impressed and stormed off to reception to complain. "How do expect me to put my caravan next to that bloody monstrosity" " I cant see anything other than this sodding great Wagon"..... " and nobody told me there would be a load of noisy cars here".... "we did say it was a Hot Rod weekend sir"

I guess he thought Hot Rodding meant something totally different ;o).. to cut a long story short, he up't sticks and went somewhere else with his Caravan... whaaa whaaa

When we had all the caravan gear stashed the last job was empty the caravan toilets. Me and Pudzz went up to the elsan point in my Truck, and after we had done the task, I was putting the cassette toilet back in the pickup bed... and this young lass around 18-20yrs looked me up and down, then the truck front to back and up and down... then gave me the most disgusted look with her nose screwed up and mouth turned down like we were the shit we had just emptied. Ha Ha that did make me smile, you could tell she was thinking who the fuk do you think you are !!

When we arrived at the field ready for the drive out, there were quite a few loaded up and going home and a good amount thankfully who weren't. There were even a few spectators who had come up just to see the cars drive off it was quite electric.

Craig got his 32 Roadster out even he was doing this run, so it was he and Andy who lead the cruise out.. You could hear the tyre squeal and the engines roar as they both hammered it out of the camp and it would be a few miles before I clapped eyes on them again they were going for it big time!

Getting ready for the off.

Real cool iron bridge that marks the climb up to Hartside.

It was quite and impressive sight as I looked back at the various Rods and Customs winding their way up the Mountain road.

There were a few bikers at the Cafe and they got quite and eye opener as the wild cars rolled in one after another. Some tried not to look to impressed and the biggest crowd and most photos taken where of the Prowler that came with us ;o).... I guess most didn't know what they were looking at.

We got some grub and a drink, but it was windy and cold up there and the girls wanted to Vamoose... So that was pretty much it, a fantastic weekend, a fantastic venue and the most excellent time was had by all.

Make it a must do next year all as this is one of the best drive your car runs in the UK with no bullshit snobbery or clique's..

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