Lakes be having ya! Help them Heroes!!!!!

After a full Belly Buster Breakfast, I gave the old Truck a wash and polish with this magic gear called showroom shine. Spray on, wipe off, a quick buff all done all in a few minutes. Hey suits you sir.. as I cant be arsed with all that cleaning, polishing malarkey, it was made for me. Now Pudzz loves a good polish as it happens and could even be called a polishing connoisseur, I let him use it and he was very impressed, so it has our approval (no connection with the company by the way) but if they read this and want to send me some free samples, I will be more than happy at £29.99 a bottle, well to honest I got it in there 2 for 1 promotion.. but still free would be nice.... end of advertisement. ;o)

Well it was to be an early start as our Run was to compliment a Bike Ride out in aid of Help the Heroes. The bikers were to start off from Cockermouth (wonder how the town ever got that name???) making their way to Bowness where we were going. There was some last minute panic a few week back when Craig asked about us using the Glebe at Bowness this year. He was told sorry you cant use it as there will be a few hundred Bikers there this year... Panic Panic!!! but luckily one of the Rodders (I forget who) found out who was organizing the bike ride out and told them the script with us and it was all open arms and to be a joint (whoo don't mind is I do ta) .... effort.

We had to be there by 12pm so we didn't tangle up with the Bikers arriving. So we got away by 10.45am.. well fukin done everyone. Click for short Video

It was a magnificent run over Kirkstone Pass, the only casualties where some bikers who were to busy goggling the Rods coming in the opposite direction, to notice a car in front stop to turn right into a lay bye.... crash, bang, wallop, one whacks into the back of the car, while others try and avoid the crashing bike, one goes down sliding as the others just pile in like a motorized school pile on!! One unconfirmed report said a lass on a modern scooter "spit"... ended up going over the wall, olympic style!! Note to oneself " always be aware of your surroundings even if a naked nubile is walking in the opposite direction, just dont look" "yeah right... so fuk em, lets keep going to the glebe an appointment is an appointment eh! actually nobody was hurt just pride.. lots of it, or I would of stopped honest, I am just using writers licence. Here is the video of the Run out + Crash righ at the end

So as we passed through the very touristy part of the Lakes "Bowness" the holiday makers were treated to an impromptu moving car show. With cameras and video's snapping and whirring away with reckless abandon.

It was to be once round the Glebe and then park on the grass to give everyone a nice static display of our cars, while we mingled again and explored Bowness, personally it is my least favorite part of the beautiful and awe inspiring lake district, it is purely for the tourist, with chip and ice cream bars everywhere and you would swear you were in either Japan or Saudi arabia by the look of the people walking round!!! Japs every where with very large expensive camera's, looking at us like we are dirt they have just trod in. Well me with my 2 Staffie's anyway ;o).... probably wonder why I am walking round with my dinner on a lead. A couple even asked us to move out of the way of their photos... what the fuk!

Odgie gets ready to serve some cure all elixir of life from the back of Miss P Jalopy.

Anyhow the Bikers arrived about 250 of them, we numbered around 60 I think, so quite a show. We gave a donation to Help them brave lads and lassies fighting the politicians war out in Afghanistan.

We had a little walk round, got a mandatory ice cream and just enjoyed the sunshine and the spectacle, all the time bursting to get back out on the road again, after all that is what this run is all about.

We stayed until 2pm and then a few of us decided lets hit the road. We followed a different route back, heading toward Keswick which is even more scenic than Kirkstone pass if that was possible.

Once back at site it was fire up the barby (Cadac posh barby) crack open a can and just enjoy the rest of the day, before the nights mayhem begins.

The band were the very entertaining Cats who just do the most amazing set, with mixtures of Rock modern and Rock a Billy sometimes all at once and just rocked the house beginning to end. I have seen them at Biker do's and they let their hair down even more at them.. Gotta be seen and heard, when they do their Glam Rock set at Biker do's they put on all the gear. I remember at one Harley Rally they were all Glammed up doing their set and one of the pissed up Bikers fell in love with the lead singer, convinced he was a very gorgeous female with what he described as a perfect arse.... Ha ha ... I'll take your word for it dude. Was he embarrassed in the morning or what!

Well it was a fantastic night, with some jolly cavorting going on all over the place. Nobody ended up fighting this year ( no Mini driving dick heads) ... oh wait one of the bar staff nearly got twatted. We were all waiting patiently in a queue, when this ignorant twat just walks up to the center of the bar and one of the bar staff totally ignores us polite types patiently queuing at the side and proceeds to serve this ignorant twat.. I shouted " Hey we are first, we have been waiting here in a queue" the lad serving behind the bar shouts back at me " Well I am serving him ok"... " Fuck off is it Fuuckkk ok" I was stammering with anger " Ya ignorant twat, there's a fucking queue here" A young lass serving came to me right away "it's Ok I will serve you now" she said so sweetly and innocent trying to keep me calm.. but I was off on one and all but dragged the cheeky bar lad over the counter... I was blazing for quite some time, but would he eye contact me would he Hell... I managed to keep clam away from the bar, but every time I went for a drink and that was plenty of times, I wanted his blood..... *Silly old twat that I am*

So apart from that is was a bazzin night and its shame when it was over, great band, great company and some bar staff were nice... wow just remembered I nearly got twatted aswell numpty I am, at the bar were two hard looking dudes with Tattoos all over their heads, necks and faces etc... I looked at one and said "Fuckin hell mate I bet your hard"..... yes I was being a dick head... luckily.. I don't think it twigged to him what I just said.. so he just turned away and ignored me *Phew*...

Well that was that a great day coming to an end, just a couple of drinks back at camp and it was time for the sandman.. as we snoozed our way to Sunday.

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