Hows my driving?


Didn't feel to bad today even with an early morning start... Dogs don't know when you are on ya holidays... 6am is 6am anywhere any day to them... whine, whine, whine.. feed me.. feed me.. take me for a walk/kak... if you have a vocal dog you know what I mean.. damn young dog is a PIA.....

So managed to ignore him until 6.45am then I could stand no more and got up fed them both... tried to wake up myself.. without a coffee that's hard... did the dog lover bit and then proceeded to work on myself.

At billing, all the guys we have got to know have bought these amazing Cadac cooking machines come barbecues. they work like a hot plate and are superb for doing breakfast on... well not if you are into porridge or muesli that is.. but if like us you are more inclined to have a full English (I bet that pisses off the scots... a full English)..... ;o).. then these are the thing to have.. Me and Pudzz bought one a piece, though he conveniently forgot his so dirtied mine up instead... bloody typical and of course if they turned out to be shit, he could take his back as it would of been unused eh... crafty bugger.. So it got loaded up with, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, black pudding and fried eggs all on the go at the same time on the same hot plate.. fantastic and no slaving in the caravan kitchen getting all hot and bothered.. well my mr's anyway I never did the breakfast before ;o).. so everyone's a winner, That and several cups off coffee and I was like brand new again ready for some serious rod fun.

Great looking Rods and Customs were everywhere, sometimes even Hot Rod traffic jams right by our camp.. I know people knock the yanks and the deck chair brigade.. but there is a lot to be said for getting cocked on ya deck chair with a plate of full English on ya knee, large mug of coffee and just sitting and watching the Rods show roll by!! Absolute heaven! Talking of rods rolling by, I forgot to mention, yesterday morning a very sick sounding V6 model A pickup came popping and farting up the road... it was none other than tireless NSRA man Jason Springate, I suggested his dizzy had come loose.... he later checked his motor out and some funny fuk had swapped a couple of leads round.. much to his amusement. Rodder's eh they are such comedians ;o).

Just so cool 33 Ford

Pie Crust rears what more could be better.

Craig the Penrith Cowboy out enjoying his fuel loving, big blocked, 8 injected, damn fine bitchin Roadster. Craig puts on the Hot Rod and Thrills and Hot Rods and Hills Runs up in sunny Cumbria.

Very nice 34 Sedan

Beautiful girls and a beautiful Roadster... what a perfect mix!

Nice agressive looking 32.

Pete Edwards having a drive out before the cruise really suits the new wheel and tyre combo.

Cant remember if this was before the cruise or after, father and son duo with cool T.

Brian (Totus) found this steel A coupe up in his native Scotland never seen a show before he bought it. very nice find!

The Cruise was to be started at 12pm and looked like being well attended as the Rods were slowly filling the show field and already jockeying for a prime position. Though the cruise was to be well patronized many rodder's stayed back at camp..

The destination was to a Marina, a posh Marina at that. We got there after a few detours, that is what happens when you simply follow the car in front and don't bother to get a map... at one point we were following a line of Rods and they parted at a roundabout going in three different directions.. we followed one lot and then lost them at some traffic lights, then messed up again at a roundabout. only to end up going back down the bypass we had just come up.. grrrrr and oh how my Mr's loved to tell me how she was right and I was a twat ;o)... We got there eventually and it was a very nice venue for sure, very relaxed and very well organised. Burger (chicken thank goodness) chips coleslaw was £5 and was very edible.. the drink .. well ... a pint of Cider and a large Rose spritzer... £8.70... Ha Ha Ha... I just said to the girl behind the bar.. Thank You and what a bargain.. I don't know how you keep your prices so low! cynical me... na!!!

Dave Brown now calls my mate Pudzz "How Much?". I said no wonder you all like living here down south, things are so reasonable. its just like being on your Holiday's.. in bloody Saudi Arabia or St Tropez... ;o)


Going Gone!!

People were now following me and I was lost!

Phew found someone to follow again!

Got to the Venue at last!

Nice pair must be a least a 34 ;o)

Ram horned 32 sat nice in the sunshine

The Hot rod legends that are Langy and Brizey... both went on the cruise along with their bits of stuff ;o)

Very cool Harley Scrambler I love this bike.

Steve Hudson THEE latest name in top notch Car Trimming, does some amazing work. He stopped and had a chat with us, first time I have really spoken with him, though seen him at the shows for years..nice chap nice T.

Well drinks prices apart it was a nice civil way to spend an afternoon, but my 75p a pint Strongbow back at camp was beckoning me.. so off we trotted, though I did stop off at Homebase on the way back to get the Kosovo lads to give my Truck a very professional and friendly hand wash, a proper bargain at £5.. so I gave them £7 they even blacked my tyres.. what a nice bunch of hard working lads they were, it was nice to not feel ripped off and credit where credit is due...

Back at camp, it was time to have a look round the trade stands, then have a listen to Pete Chapouris who was having a question time in the Marquee very enjoyable it was to, with Guy asking him if he was Jimmy Shines Dad.. he is such a wag! Then it was back out with the Cadac for us evening meal (Tea if your from up north).

Who's getting all arty farty then!

And a Voyer ;o) Bloody Car mad you lot!

Great to see we can still be enjoying it and drivng cool cars when many expect us to be going to Bingo or Derby and Joan clubs eh.. rock on!

One tough old twist and go worked hard all weekend!

Badges we dont need no stinking Badges!!

Then down to the marquee again for a pleasant evening listening to the bands and having a craic (crack) with anyone who didn't avoid us ;o).

What an excellent atmosphere the place had, what a superb Supernats this was turning out to be.. again no late night party for us boring old farts... though to be honest if I had been invited to one I would of gone... So a quick wrestle and it was sleep time... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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