Better than anything Euro ever seen before!


Love the NSRA Supernats (should be called the Street Rod Nats in my opinion but that's another story)........;o).

Couldn't convince my Mr's that we should go this year as she just says she doesn't enjoy it?? no idea why, just she doesn't enjoy it".. but just a few days before the cut off date for pre-entry she reneged and said sod it book it!

We got pre-booked with 2 days to spare before the cut off date.

Should be a good one this year I thought, as it is also the venue for the pre 49 Euronats. So promised to have some stunning Continental Rods there that haven't been seen on these shores before as well as the top Uk Rods to.

This was going to be Street Rod heaven for sure!

We take a welcomed break and exercise our dogs!!

Spotted these 2 at the services but didn't see them at the Supernats???

We set off early afternoon on the Thursday and stopped overnight at the Wyboston travelodge which is just 8mile away from the Supernats (Biggleswade) raining most of the way there.

We met Charley from the Isle of Skye for the first time at the travelodge, who had traveled 650miles so far, where we had just done a measly 260 miles... Just a Hop Skip and a Fart away compared to Charley and his wife.

34 Sedan parked at the travelodge, driven down from Scotland with Charley not quite as far as Charley at a mere 560 miles or so.

We exchanged pleasantries in the car park and later a natter and a meal with them in the Little Thief restaurant £3.60 for a 330ml bottle of cider I rest my case!!

Friday was an early start, with a decent breakfast again from the afore mentioned Little Chef...

Saw a few rods as we made our way to Old Warden but couldn't get any decent photos sorry only this one turned out.

With the Euronats being on from the Wednesday, there was no queue this time at arrival to Old Warden (Biggleswade). I take my hat off to the volunteers who man the booking in tent for the NSRA as they must have to put in some hours to make sure everyone pays or if they have pre-booked get there participants bag, which were fantastic this year by the way.

The whole event is put together and organised by just 9 people who are all volunteers, I find it absolutely awesome that they do this for us all, so we can have a jolly weekend, while they toil all the time, they do it because they love the scene so much, yet don't get to enjoy it as they are working unlike us lucky sods... *a round of applause please for all the NSRA and helpers*

Once camp was set up, I could relax with a cup of coffee and my camera handy to get a few shots of the Rods milling about and mill they did. It was a rolling Rod show right past our camp groovy!.

Willys was a Euro Rod... Blue and Yellow F1 was cool.

Bob Luxford was Hawking this crackin A coupe.

This is apparently some kind of Southern greeting .

The ex Geordie Paul's A pickup still looked as good as ever with its new owner.

You need to look very closely at the driver in this photo, it is Hellraiser himself Ozzie!

Hitchhikers were every where

Gorgeous 34 in Candy orange.. stunning Rod.

Noisy Buggers see video link below..

Though we where in a prime location to see all the Rods drive by, we were to regret it by the end of the weekend as the rods kicked up a sand storm that covered our caravan, awning, my truck, pudzz sedan, our water barrels, barbecue, dogs and us also from head to toe with a horrible sandy dust that we are still trying to remove now!! Note to self,, don't fukin camp there again! ;o) and the twating cars with exhaust that pointed at the ground well you can imagine. Bloody Ozzy and Paul Kennedy eh... rolling sand storms the pair of them, with their surging throttles ;o)... See Video click here! (there are 2 videos one of Paul and one of the pair of the noisy dust kicking buggers together Video 2 click here ) I Love them really x ;o)

Apart from the dust ( it was a great vantage point to see everything).

My bessy mate Pudzz and his wife Sue had to travel down Friday so they didn't arrive until later Friday morning, we waited for them before we did our compulsory camp site trek to check out the Rods and annual trip to Asda for the weekends provisions.

When I was setting up camp this guy comes past, and says Good Morning I say Morning and think I know that face * Hum?*... then it twigs American accent it's Pete Chapouris (or how ever ya spell it)... Cool. Then a short while later Brian Watson comes by and we have a good natter with him, he was going cold turkey as he had sold his 46 Sedan and now has a steel 33 coupe project, that will be a while yet before it is on the road. Then up comes Pete Chapouris again... and stops and has a good old crack with us which was even cooler.. What a genuine nice guy.

Good to see Pike and the cool 36 pickup.. also Hot Rod supremo Alan Spittle (friend of the Rock stars) was giving his center door T an airing.

Them there Posh Southern Rodder's the Brack Pack have just the most stunning Rods.

Nice Fordson.

There must be a caption for this just cant think of one of the top of my head right now..

Duisenberg style headers looked trick..

The Euro Rods made a nice line up or two or three.

Photo doesn't do this paint colour justice it really popped in the sunlight!

Mick Shepherd, Dave Mellor and Gary ? get the first round in... soon to be followed by many more.. great way to spend an afternoon. Great company and some lovely tasting beer/cider, oh and the weather wasn't to bad either.

Mid afternoon we said we would take the dogs for their constitutional but met up at the beer tent with our good mates from Yorkshire and the Manchester area who were about to have a session. so it was only sociable to join em wasn't it eh!!

Mick does his party piece and falls asleep, poor lad works so hard.

That was us for the rest of the afternoon till a slight altercation between us told us it was time to go get us tea's.. ;o) *hic*.

Handy if the kids fall asleep a mobile bed for them.

Evening was spent outside the marquee just chilling and listening to the bands who sounded good to me and added a great Rod Run atmosphere, that you have to experience. Rods where parked everywhere and there were hundreds of people in and outside the marquee all night.

All though I know many people who go to the Rod runs, we still seem to just end up on our own?? With the odd short conversation as people pass us by or we pass them by .Anyhow those that I did manage to talk with, I really did enjoy their company.

Though that said we did have a real good natter with Hot Rod Hellraiser Tony *Ozzie* Osbourne mostly about his awesome Willys coupe. He was telling us how he keeps getting stick from people, asking why he has a 1000bhp Willys and only blurps around the show field in it and doesn't drag it... or use it on the street..

Well he has been using it on the street though only for a few miles. He did a run out after some tune up work that was short lived as it melted his blower.. whaa whaaa bye bye a grand or two or three I thank you!!

Seemingly because of how mad the motor is, if it runs as a normal car (that's how it got set up at this tune up) it runs to hot, it needs to run rich as fuk to keep it cool or cooler and not melt expensive stuff.

As for the strip if you had as much time, money, blood, sweat and tears in your car as Ozzie has (also remembering that this is a genuine steel 41 Willy's coupe, his life's dream Rod), you wouldn't be so keen either. He isn't prepared to take the risk of wrecking it, as he could never replace it, not just for a few seconds pleasure and to maybe shut a few people up anyway. So Fuk em, he does what he wants with it as he has earned that right and good on him as its down right awesome, if just a tad annoying with it's surging throttle *see video above* ;o)....

The Posh Rods making a fly bye on their way to get all tucked up for the night!

Again an early'ish night 1:30 am *No Party invites* *No party back at our camp either.. so that was that apart from the noisiest generator you could ever imagine clattering away at the Pizza place a few yards away from us that stayed on until 2.30am keeping us from sleeping properly. I cant believe we don't even go looking for a party any more, fuk I hate getting old and sensible... I hate it absolutely hate it!! Argggghhhh

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