And the Winners are:

Much to my embarrassment and my wife's annoyance I was picked for a top ten award.
So I asked my mr's to take photos of all the Top Ten winners for my web site. She only did 9? and not even one of the Best debuted of Fletch's 34 Chevy though I do have it on the other pages.

Roberto Booth was a not a surprise to be in the Top 10.

Fresh out 32 Coupe is superb again a worthy winner.

dave Harris's mad splitty again no surprise.


Henry Hi-Rise excellent re-vamp of a piece of our History, brilliant to see.

Not sure why some photo came out small?? Great outfit from Andrew Geekie, commentator cracked me up when he was interviewing Andrew all he was really impressed with was the Reg Big 69.... he kept saying the best thing about this truck is the Reg Ha Ha.. I am quite sure it wasn't meant in the way it sounded.. but it made me smile.

Sorry not sure of this guys name either and I am to lazy to go look it up.. great looking Zephyr though.

Not sure of this guys name either yet we talk with them every meet :o) just me I am a numpty. Car was bought off Brian Watson from Scotland and still wins even with its new owner.. Nice one. So that's it then another Drayton run over till 2011.. Cant wait.

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