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Been around a few year now but Eric Hollins stunning 37 Roadster is just that stunning and very rare to..

Andy Whithorn built this gorgeous truck for his Dad, perfection as you would expect from Andy.

This is Arran's new cool A coupe put together by Kerry Tate for Aarren. This is the car I was planning to get a drive of, but somehow I never got any spare time to fulfill a dream..

Billy Connolly arrives but try's to hide from my paparazzi shot, never knew he was a rodder, the bigyin!

Bitchin A roadster another from the coolest club in the UK the Originals. now if I out some scallops on my Truck and fit some steels with crossplies.."hum?" I wonder???

Didn't see this T arrive but were all three of them in it?

Star of the show for me was Roberto Booth's 40's style A Roadster perfect in every detail, sporting a stunning Premier Auto Trim Interior by Mick Shepherd.

Liked the wheel, bulkhead and grill treatment on this 34 coupe

One of the best shops I have seen real class but would hurt ya ass on a ling run I bet!

Close 2nd was this hard as nail Panhead... Grrrrrrr

Nice different look for the ever Popular "pun intended" Pop

I never even looked at this as it was just a Volky camper to me.. then someone said have you seen Dave Harris's Wild Camper... derr I rushed back and stood in shear admiration as it was amazing to say the least, sporting another perfect Premier Auto Trim interior, though Dave did the base unit over the engine mod... just needs fireproofing now eh ;o)

now for something completely different, another Odgie creation for his good friend P. Who is so enthusiastic for the whole scene it is infectious. Odgie is just simply the coolest guy I know and a fukin Genius..this was all made from parts that were mostly being thrown out by people. er like the original 34 Austin, Austin A35 engine, trans, autojumble dash and various parts and how about and old church pew for a seat and pickup bed.. sheer genius for sure.. I love this guys outlook on life and the universe and all that goes with it..

Steve (Fletch) Fletcher's automotive sculpture is faultless in its workmanship and was the star of the Drayton weekend taking top honors. Featuring lots of Tim Hammonds craftsmanship and topped by a Neil Tadman interior. Nice to see someone flying the Hi-Tec rodding flag.

Great looking Chevy truck, don't understand why this one slipped by the judges as I would of put it above my Truck for a top ten.

late 50's style roadster was cool, loved them wheel trim disc's and raked roof and screen.

Well its back out again an iconic car from the UK' s Rodding past, Henry Hirise. Perfectly restored.

Play on the California Kid log, this Lancashire Lad sure built a nice coupe.

There is always one isn't there ;o)... crazy trike has a sierra car rear..???

Had to put a shot of this lovely Moggy pickup as it was just so right.

You knew there would be more trucks didn't you ;O) Great looking F1.

Looks like the old number 7.

Originals had the best line up anywhere. coooool (not sure why this photo turned out so small)???

My mate Pudzz had spent a lot of time perfecting his 32 sedan and he has made it look the best it ever has. The cream steels look fantastic, with the ex Toad V6 in its engine bay the baby can haul ass to. all the front panels have been minted over the winter and the undercarriage has had many hours spent on it to. If Shaun Wilson was still attending this run I am sure he would of awarded Pudzz the spirit of Rodding award as he deserves it.

Thought this was a cool photo.

Oh yes..... I may just take a wire brush to my paint work yet...

Again no idea why this photo turned our small? It is the Somerset guys, Brian Watsons 47 is still wining trophies even though it has a new owner.

Liked this T, loved the dash and induction setup. Everything flowed and works just right, cool car. Would of been in my Top Ten to.

Liked the contrast of the weather beaten Truck with the perfection of Fletch's 34 and Dave Rothwells Standard...

One of my old Rainy City Cruiser mates from the 70's Walt was there in his damn fine 36 Truck.

Who wants a race Willys lazed in the Sunday sunshine. Was a great weekend as always, I have one more page to do, got some photos of the top ten winners. I will put that up soon so please come back. Ya never know I may get my enthusiasm back and get the write ups more interesting again... Have a read through some of my old ones you may enjoy them ;o)...Byeee

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