Spring has Sprung and we are off to a Run! NASC Neil's Springnats Drayton Manor park 2010

Sorry to anyone who does read my reports, but I have been mega busy and still am. I have left it so long since I was at the Springnats that some of the weekend is now a tad hazy. So I may get some facts wrong and miss some bits out to.. I just cant get my shit together anymore. I used to get straight on the computer years ago as soon as I was back from any run I had been to and the reports were on here only a day or so after the run.. Hey Ho eh! ;o)

This web site used to be very busy and I had loads of good comments when I was at a run or through e-mails. That tidal flow ;o) is now barely a trickle in a dried up stream. But for those few who still do read this I will keep on until I really cant be arsed ;o)

This run is a must do for me, I love it, also I get to be with my family for a full weekend as they all come to this run. Though my daughter was an absentee this year as she was doing a sponsored walk. Not any old walk, but a 40mile walk Keswick to Barrow an annual event that takes some stamina and determination to finish. She managed a 18mile walk a couple of week before and failed to do more as her feet gave up, so all our thoughts were to be with her for a lot of the weekend.

Now what about the run ;o)

My family and my best 'est buddy's (Pudzz) family set off around 7am from sunny Cumbria.

A gentle journey down, stopping just once for a leg stretch and a couple of times for fuel. The above photo is Pudzz showing off that his V6 had hardly used any juice. Mine had collapsed the floats again so I was on LPG with no backup, which just meant keeping the tank full in case I struggled to find LPG.

We arrived at Drayton and were greeted by the friendly NASC volunteers, we were soon booked in and camped, three caravans, one trailer tent and two tents.. fired up the barby's swapped a few pleasantries with the people around us and had a cold one or three ahh heaven!

Cool set-up Hot Truck and Chop with a nicely made trailer was camped behind us, though never got to speak with the owner.

Local guys had marked out their camp, forget the clubs name now I was so dozy I forgot to take any more photos on Friday Derr I think I was just to harassed and busy with so many of us being there.

We went up the club Friday night and had a good crack with Pete & Sandra Whiteside, Woody, Bob Booth and their gang. We usually rib them about the time our pillows were nicked from our Hotel room at the southern swap meet a couple of year back. I Think Pete had heard the story so many times he just fessed it was him, just to stop us going on about it any more to Woody the main suspect! Mind you Pete was the only one who didn't run out of mine and Pudzz's hotel room when we both took our shirts off ;o)...

I remember having a good crack with Fletch who owns the 34 Chevy that stole the show this weekend, as he often does with the stunning cars he builds or gets created.. Nice guy to!

Not my usual party trick, but when I was getting excited telling a story I caught my full pint of Cider with my left hand and promptly threw it all over... but mostly on the floor, my mrs laughed so much ... now this is her party piece... she threw her full glass of Rose shandy all over herself.. Terrrrr ;o)

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