Sunday Sunny Sunday er only it wasn't

Sorry so late in getting this finally on my web site, just been a real lazy twat, seem to be saying that a lot these days...

Crap weather today which was a shame after the great couple of days we had just had. I managed to find the energy to polish my Truck and got it stuck on the show field fairly early on. The Show field did fill fairly rapidly with some amazing machines on show. Kev Fosters Chevy Truck being the one that really stood out for me!! Awesome!

Cant be arsed writing any more so I will let the photos do the talking. And seeya who ever you may be at the Supernats.

Fletch having a polish....... of his 34 Chevy masterpiece!


Phil Mallis's latest, steel 34 Coupe!! Yum Yum. Next to his Buddy Louise's also steel 34.

Fantastic 32 from Les Howletts, I absolutely loved this Steel coupe.

Bob Booth's A with new air scoop!

Great A Sedan Aye!

Another great looking Rod this time a 27T Roadster.

Just how many steel 32's and A's are there in the UK now eh! Lucky Bleeder's.

Good Turn out of Trucks for the Truck feature meeting.

Kev Foster's mind blowing Chevy Truck fresh out of Jon Golding's workshop.. shear perfection.

This is his/it's rear ;o)

Quick becoming the shape Truck to have, the late 50's early 60's Fords and Chevy's are now the cool one's!

This is one very nice truck and has had some work done on it since Drayton, the hood now fits real well.

Bob Booths was sure he dropped a £1 coin here earlier on!

Not seen one of these before a Ford Pilot Pick-up. Cooool

You do see some weird things at Rod runs, here a guy loves his petrol tank so much he thinks it is his baby! and how do you put flames on your car that aren't permanent so you can stand back and see if your car suits them? Tis easy if you are a talented flame drawer that is... use Wax and shape it when it dries.. nice one who ever you maybe!

NOT sure who this gut is or where he works, but ha had brought along his project and was working on re shaping and massaging this rear quarter with dept skill indeed, and he showed just how much patience you need to get panels like this perfect without bodyman in a can.

Pop festival was massive.

This was the Pop that stood out to me. Love them wheels.

Genius Dave Rothwell's latest creation or should that be masterpiece now has a new owner Matt Langbant and still winning trophies and rightly so to.

Scruffy barstard! Aparently this scruffy bugger is running an LS1 and Race frame.. whooo bet that surprises a few, not least the passenger ;o)

Look another get some bloody paint on them before they Rust Ha Ha....Inverted snobbery if ever I saw it! ;o)

John Price worked tirelessly all weekend and gives the show filed a great atmosphere. How the hell he keeps finding things to talk about I will never know.

Dave Brown is now promoting Rod Run and Car shows and very professionally to, and also runs a Dragster which his son drives. Check out my news pages for more info.

Well all top soon it was time to go home, and as usual seeing Rods on the way back North is a rarity, so seeing this neat A pickup when at the services was a buzz.

Bloody Trailer queen!

Poor Ross has to hitch a ride home to Scotland when his fuel pump shat itself! easy fix once home though and the truck is buzzing along now with its 740 BMW running gear returning 34pmpg... and runs like a train.. I would say if I sold my Truck I would buy this and use it as my daily. Anyone wanna buy a nice shiny 55 F100? ;o)

The only Rod we saw all the way home actually driving on the motorway. Coyd Boddingtons cock on 32 coupe!

Well that's it all done, nothing else left to add, The Supernats is next come and say hi if you read this to let me know I aint just writing this for my own benefit eh!


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