NSRA Fun Run @ Billing pleasure Dome

Billing wasn't on the cards for me this year, my Mr's didn't want to go and I had booked parole for a Harley Rally in July on my own, so didn't want to push my luck and go to Billing aswell did I.

Though when I was asked if I was going to Billing when I was at Drayton, I jumped at the opportunity to express my desire to be there, as Trucks were to be the feature car, but I said "alas I cant go as my wife doesn't fancy it this year".... " You can go if you want" she said, so it didn't seem like she was an ogre. So the seed was sown, I was going to Billing.

I asked my mate Pudzz if he fancied it, and yeah sure he did. A couple of days before the off to Billing I told Pudzz what time we were setting off and what day, his Mr's pipes up, you are doing the Carnival that weekend you know... "Bugger" Pudzz was a no go and I was having to go all on me jack jones.

I got an excited call, Thursday, it was Pudzz, "guess what?"... "what?" I said. " I was getting out of my Van and I fell down a pothole and have torn all the ligaments in my ankle/calf.. So I am coming to Billing I cant do the Carnival with all that stopping and starting..

Early Friday Morning 6am, we set off in my Truck ready for 3days of Hot Rod and Trucking fun.

We arrived at Billing 10.30am and there were already quite a few Rods etc camped.

We drove around trying to see where would be a good spot to pitch camp and saw some guys we know from the Yorkshire and Manchester area, we hoped they didn't mind us pitching near them and struck camp. They made us feel real welcome, which was cool as we never know if we are welcomed or just tolerated ;o)

We then sat back and enjoyed the rolling Rod show and having a craic with fellow rodders we met.

We booked in at the NSRA tent and I was greeted with Hi Holmsey your web site is crap ;o)... Not sure why people say this to me now. I still do the write ups OK maybe not with the naivety or enthusiasm I started with , but I do still do them and have done now for 10yr... I am getting a bit stale I know but I try my best. The only thing I have removed is the garage scene pages, that was because some would send in regular updates, others didn't. Also I took them off when a car was finished, some people got pissed with that.. so hence I bombed it off. I used to get regular news sent to me also, that dried up a while back.. but apart from that it's just the same I think. If I could find someone I could trust to keep the site going and injected some new passion into it I would pass the gauntlet. But as of yet I haven't so until then ya will have to put up with my shit ;o).. I actually enjoy going back and reading some of my old write ups, I hope other people do to as they took many many hours of my diminishing brain power. x

Some Posed some smoked and some slept......

That was pretty much how the day went and we hit the beer/cider around 12am.

Time to meet up with old mates and catch up on the latest gossip.

Latest creation to come out of Jon Goldings workshops is this stunning 46? Chevy Truck sporting Hilborn injection owned by Kev Foster.. best Truck/Rod of the meet for me.

Hi-Tec is alive and well thanks to Tim Hammond (Builder) and Dan Donati lucky owner!

Tel Hamsworth's gorgeous 34 sits in the shade out of the burning Friday Sun!

Having a meal at the onsite restaurant broke up the very hot sunny day, with a welcomed sit down.

Oldhams answer to Jimmy Shine, Bob Booth shows his perfection in 40's Hot Rodding model A Roadster to Rod Builder supremo.... Langy!

Quick a Rodding Car Booty... many bargians were had here, talk about gone in 60 seconds.

As the feature vehicle was pre 72 Trucks, they were everywhere...

Latest from Ross Morrison, was this 55 Chevy Truck 740BMW powered.. cool or what.

Which John Martinez answered with a twin turbo 'd Chevy... Oh Yes. John pulled out all the stops to get his Truck to the Billing run so he could join in the Trucking fun. Only to have his fun dashed with a melted clutch master cylinder.. That put a stop to him going on the cruise, with all the other Trucks... but didn't stop him grinning as he had a toddle round billing in it as often as he could... One of Rodding's true Gentlemen.

Back at Camp Pudzz had over done it with the walking and sat for a while with his foot an ankle ;o) in an ice bucket.

Night time was a few cider's at the Marquee and all over by midnight.. I said we were being boring and should go find a party.. but an early night was what happened instead.

Saturday to follow

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