Show us how you shine day

Sunday is the day we get to relax and park up our cars for all the paying public to have a proper look at them and also for us to have a flick round as the cars we haven't been able to have a proper look at over the weekend.

Some are real serious about cleaning and pruning their vehicles so they look there absolute best. Some so they may impress and win a trophy, me I really couldn't find the enthusiasm to even wash mine off. I wouldn't bother even putting it on the show field as trophies don't interest me. The acknowledgement of a nicely put together car from your peer's sure is nice though and better than any trophy. But Na I couldn't be arsed, so I put it on the show field, just so people could have a sken at it, but it didn't get a clean all weekend and to be honest, I hadn't even cleaned it proper since Drayton Manor, I know that's awful and neglect, maybe I need to sell it and get a scruffy Truck or Rod that don't need any cleaning eh!

All heading for the show field early morning.

I sat and watched the nice clean cars go onto the show field from sat outside my caravan supping a nice warm cup of tea and scoffing a hearty breakfast, what could be finer.

Had a long slow look round as many cars as I could, but there were just so many, I felt like I would miss something if I looked at one to long.

There is just something about a 300E that really atracts me, this was a very nice one, but I would like a scruffy one as a daily, er thats if I cant ever afford an A coupe that is ;o)

Either this guy is really big or Chris and Alli's 36 has shrunk, cool Car another I would love, though I would paint it! ;o)

33 Chevy pickup was cool and for sale *Dream*.

Now with a new owner Bob's old Coupe is looking good as ever, Iron cross on the Rad gril and twin 4barrells are new additions.

I watched this young wipper snapper run up to Ade's RPU and he promplty jumped on the running boards.. I thought cheeky little bugger ;o) but then Ade started talking to him so I guess he was his Lad. How cool to have a dad with such great Cars and job eh!

One of Adrian's (Buckland Automotive) creations for Krazy Horse Kustom bikes, love the new bike on the trailor.

Chicano Lowrider Truck if ever I saw one, this is one seriously cool truck and was in my top ten.

Chevy fleetside was super sano, surely now we could have a truck only meet as there must be a fair few of us now.. but would the Truckers travel? are they a hardier breed than the Hot Rodder's 'o) I would love there to be a Truck only meet as it would look mega cool a whole heap of trucks together... don't ya think. So who is up for a Truck Hop Meet?

What's this another Truck well blow me... down ;o) a 46 Chevy one at that,

Bloody hell another one even late models like this ;o) are mega cool, starting to really appreciate the boxier front truck now.

Didn't really have much of a crack with anyone either, then we decided to break camp and get ready for going Yam. The showfield looked awesome with all the different paint jobs and chrome gleaming away.

Well back to Rods eh as it is the UK-Hotrods web site... just you have to indulge me every now and then with my Truck fetish!

Nearly.. I say Nearly got to drive this, Kerry had it parked up at the Marquee Friday night but I had, been drinking. So I declined the chance to drive it right there and then. I asked Kerry if I could have a drive over the weekend and he said just take it now if ya like.... Just how fukin cool is this. Apparently it was made from what the seller described as his junk pile. He had bought two to make one cool Street Rod and kerry bought up his scrap, for little money and has now one awesome real steel 32 3 winda Hot Rod.. now is that a dream or what. I just want to say I have driven one.. maybe at the Nats I will get a chance. Kerry builds hard ass Hot Rods if you want one by the way he can put one cool looking car together in no time at all and they ooze style, all be it none shiny style. Cool guy cool cars!

Les Howletts latest with all the right parts, I have a feeling I have duplicated a few cars on this page, but ones like this deserve more than one photo.

Scruffy buggers get everywhere ;o)

T time here in the park!

A 32 coupe from our History if I am not mistaken had lots of work done on it by its present owner.

Ex Andy Lee Hi Tec swoopy Sedan, now owned by Tony Madden. Looked like a Downs body at first, but turns out to be a Rodline Sports coupe chopped about to give it that Downs look with seriously laid back grill. Not sure on the bug scoop though to be honest, but seriously cool Hi-tec apart from that.


Ian Burtons fresh out 33 Sedan again mind blowing quality workmanship abound's.

Bet you don't want to get out of this leather haven!

Keith Murrell's cool as, Wild Rods Hi-Tec 37 coupe... looking as good as ever. I got seriously slagged for calling this John Unsworths 37.... I was not concentrating as John has the 37 Phantom Truck... The rant at me, was one of the reason's, I wanted to give this site up.. as I was told in the rant I should do... Hey fuking Ho eh!!


Well all to soon people were leaving here, Hot Rod celebrities, Keith Atkinson and Dan Boone scoot off home as they have such a long journey ahead of them ;o) Keith featured in the trophies, but he left before he knew. I voted for his 34 sedan to. Dan's Had enough Trophies so he didn't need one.

My old Mate Kev Rooney, not spoke with him for ages or seen him apart from 2 fleeting glances as he drove by and out the door ;o)

So after a last long lingering look and a few goodbyes, we hooked up and left for the longish 260mile journey North and never saw another Rod or Custom all the way home.

Again, wished I had spent more time looking at certain cars in more detail and talking with the owners. Wish I had made more an effort to strengthen some friendships, wished we had mingled more and thought about going out Saturday with others for a meal.. yardy yardy yar.... but again we just sat in our own little group, drank beer and did mostly fuk all!! Roll On the Nats where I hope I can rectify all those regrets. Love Ya Holmsey. xx

If there are any spelling mistakes let me know or any bad grammar as I cant be arsed proof reading it all.. not yet anyway. x




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