Saturday is Blatter Day!!

Saturday is cruise out day and I wasn't to sure I could be bothered to be honest. I fancied just sitting there and watching the cool cars driving out, have a few beers enjoy the sun, then watch them all cruise back into camp.. cool way to spent the day I thought.

But my mr's said lets go on the cruise to the Pod so we did ;o). I was glad I did and it was quite a blast driving with all them real cool looking cars. We followed Craig out though the smell of petrol from his wild Roadster made our eyes water, it sure did sound and look great.. what could be better than driving on a sunny day down some country lanes in a big blocked roadster..

Wild Volky with a V10 Viper engine.. whoooo hoooo

Gorgeous 36.

The Pod gave us free entry thanks to the NSRA negotiating that for us. I used to go to the pod regular in the 70's and 80's but I seemed to have lost my enthusiasm for it now.

Had a good gander round and watched some good racing. We didn't stay to long and the drive back was fun as nobody knew which way to go, had about 7 cars in our convoy all lost. Well eventually we did arrive back at Old Warden and hit the cold ones.

There were Rods driving everywhere, so after a quick look round the trade stands we did the deck chair thing ... Then around 6 or 7pm I saw a few rods leaving camp, they were off for a meal at a local hostelry... Bugger that looked a better idea and i wish now we had not hit the beer and socialized a bit more and maybe we would of been invited ;o(..


The evening soon got into swing with, Geordie Paul doing some great numbers with his band just as a taster. Most of the night was spent, talking with anyone we knew who was near us again a great night of fun. Ending back at our caravan till around 3am. Only had security round once we have no idea why ;o).. we were only talking.. and maybe laughing.

There is probably loads more happened but I have forgotten it sorry and I don't think anyone reads this pap anymore anyway..

If anyone does fancy taking over this web site now, as I have done 9years at it.. Please let me know at and I will pass on the torch as I think it needs some new blood and enthusiasm to spark it off again. I have made many many friends because of it and that I will treasure.. But time is time I recon.

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