We're off to see the Wizard the wonderful Wizard of rods!


Usual stuff about getting ready for the off I wont bore you with. Nice journey down, me, my wife, two dogs and the Caravan in Tow, with my good Mate Pudzz, his wife in their 32 Sedan towing his gert van to, closely following behind his eldest daughter and her play thing Chris ;o)

We got to the Travelodge without any trauma, unhitched the vans and I went to park the truck and the steering was stuck solid "Huh?".. after close inspection the collar that holds the two half's of the outer casing together had come undone???? How the fuk that happened I don't know and is very, very scary that it did. If the collar had come undone while driving it would of ended in absolute disaster for sure..We were so so lucky I cant believe it..

Anyhow drama over we had a crack with Russ, Colin and the guys and galls from Scotland who we know they had also booked in the Travelodge. Suitably fed we started to get watered and what a bloody laugh we had in Pudzz's room, was supposed to be a quiet night so we were fresh for an early start the next day.. but it wasn't to be... "Groan" was how we felt the next day.. absolutely drained of all energy, we had a proper breakfast and then set off for Old Warden..

It was forecast to be a shitty day, so the NSRA committee had the sign in tent all set up so there was no big queue like last year. We managed to get set up quickly and well before the forecast Thunder storms arrived.

This may start to look like a Truckfest or Truckers weekly or something, but man where there a lot of Trucks at the Supernats all shapes all sizes and all different makes and years. As a self confessed Truckaholic or is that Truckophile? I was in my element, so I thought I would try and snap as many trucks as I could as I did my friday walk about and remember this is Friday and quite early on to.

Pat Miles assumes the position ;o) the running board cleaning position that is. What a beautiful Truck this is, now sporting some cool ghost flames woooooohoooo

Cool Roadster pickup from the Buckland Automotive Engineering stable, Ade does build some stunning Rods.

Apache Truck looks ace with its Cadbury Purple coat on.

One shiny, one not so below both Chevy's and looking cool.

Love both these F1's the slammed look suiting this style perfect and the shine perfect finish on the Red one is mind blowing one of my Fave trucks in the UK..

Load em up and use em!

Another 3 lined up.. anyone counting how many so far?

Saw this truck for sale when I was building mine and wished I hadn't bothered doing mine and just bought this, real nice truck.

Study looks wild with the Caddy bumper.

And to finish a Volky one.... never thought I would have a volky photo on here..

We did get some concern when we staked our claim on our caravan pitches. A guy said Hey we always camp here and there are about 10more coming yet... Fuk that you camp where you want and we wanted to be near Bob Booth and Mick Shepherd this year so we said we are pitching here, so there ;o)... A comment was made, that you are winding your legs down now, but you will be winding them back up in 5 mins.. yeah right course we will..

Anyhow when the other's arrived it turns out we knew them all and knew them well. So we ended up all having a right good crack together, so all was well that ended well.

We then sat relaxed and watched the cars and bikes arrive, Most got there before the Storms, but poor old Ade Smith looked like he had ridden through the worst storm ever he looked soggy from head to toe as he rode by on a Harley Chop/Bobber, but strangely he looked like he had enjoyed himself none the less.

Yes there were some hot rods there to... sorry about that you gotta indulge me sometimes. This is a shot of the Brack Pack.

Les Howlett's crazily chopped 34 coupe.. Won the Jimmy Shine pick of the meet now how cool an accolade is that.

Fresh out Dave Bennett's stunning best of show for me Coupe. Packed to the gunnels to prove it is driven and not trailered as many were.

Always a favourite the Pro Street Henry J.

And good pal keith Harman in his just so perfect steel 33 Coupe.. nice guy nice car! Sporting his support the Big Red Machine Shirt... Biker Trash ;o)

The guest this year was Jimmy Shine and we went to his well attended slide show come question (yeah just one) time. He was an absolute star and a great honest down to earth guy. I had taken a photo of him at the GNRS last year driving into the show hall in the So-Cal 32 Roadster, I had it blown up to A4 framed it and wanted him to sign it. I did my mate Pudzz a copy and framed it for him to, so we both would have one.... what's Pudzz do? he only leaves his copy along with his beer at home.. pillock..... so I now have the 1 and only signed copy in the world how cool is that.

Then it was barby time and marquee and beer time. it was real great to see Jimmy Shine just wandering around all on his own talking to anyone who accosted him or wanted a photo taking with him, he was just so cool.

The night was spent milling about outside and in the marquee, listening to the band and gassing with mates you haven't seen since the last Rod Run. It did state in the program under no circumstances drive up to the Marquee, but that is what gives the place its atmosphere. It looks bloody ace with rods everywhere and everyone stood outside gassing with the Fairground on full swing behind.. Cool stuff indeed.

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