Pack up and take a trophy home day

Man it just seems to be all over so quickly, seems like a lot of work for so short a time.. even though I enjoyed it so much and even been there since Friday and still there and it was Monday... it just was over so quickly.

People were packing up and leaving in their droves.. bank holiday Monday... heading back up the motorway what a daunting thought!

So we had a long walk round to exercise the dogs and see the Rods leaving and have a last look and take it all in.

Amazing some great cars came buy as they were leaving the Street Rod Nats that I hadn't seen all weekend??

Dave Mellor heads off back to sunny Yorkshire

Nice matching Pop and trailer heads of back home!

A Rays rod (I think) took more comfort for the weekend.

Hadn't seen this English Bodied 32 at all over the weekend I must walk round with my eyes shut.. mind you there was a massive amount of Cars there to look round...

Had a gorgeous interior.

Julian (Acker) Atkinson dropped by to say goodbye in his steel 29A sedan.

Young Dale was having fun all weekend in his wannabearod Volky. Even scooping a top ten!!!!! Cool car with all work done by himself.

Cracking looking 100E was a treat to see as we did our final look round.

Wow Look some Hot Rod Celebes' were even at the Street Rod Nats.. I wonder if they get paid appearance money.. ;o) Yes Best in Britain Fletch's just stunningly perfect 46 Woody is still as perfect as ever and its used.. sits all regal like in the company of an other perfect Car from Ian Burton.. must of been getting chilly as they both have their bra's on.. the cars that is not Fletch and Ian..

Sat all alone on the show field was this JG built 34..

saw this Humber Hawk driving round all weekend but didn't get a shot of it until the final day. I remember Dexy and Steve Cheetham cruising round Stockport in one of these in the 70's. They make great cruising material.

And finally... a wet Willy's under water water supply sprung a leak.


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