Sunday Sunny Sunday

I have left the final pages of this run a bit late to do now really as I am off to the Hot Rod Drags tomorrow.. so if this looks and reads a bit rushed it only is cus it is.. ;o)

Gotta just say though I enjoyed this run better than any run I have ever been to as far as pure enjoyment is concerend. Just great crack all weekend really. The Bands were fantastic and just the whole scene.. Anyhow I am going to let the photos do most of the talking now.

Off to get a prime spot on the show feild.

Not sure if it was that early or not, but it sure felt it as the cars started to go up to the show field. Ozzy in the awesome Head Hunter Willys, harrumphed past off to park up where John Goldin had set up his posh new Rod Run store. Had a crowd round it all day and was the meeting point of all the UK Hot Rod celeb's very impressive.

The Rods they kept a coming, the place was rammed. Nice to see a what a Willy's hood really looks like, as 99% have a blower sticking through it or dont even have one. Cool.

The very impressive new Jon Goldin Rod Run store looked super cool.. dare I say even Hi - Tec ;o)

Once we got parked ourselfs, we started the long enjoyable task of seeing what had turned up. I love this Triumph Renown, parked next to a country Squire oooh how posh eh. Two great looking Brit Street Rods.

Low and behold another Brit Rod... what is going on ;o) The 300E makes for a great looking Street Rod.

Might aswel show another Brit Rod, I thought this a stunning and nicely thought out Pop.

Real Nice 34 I dont remember seeing before.. then again my memory is kak so I may of done worth another photo even if its been on here loads of time as it a beaut! I like the close fitting front mud guards and the use of colour on the I beam, grill and wheels..

Hi-Tec 34 was great to see and was cock on.

Swapped e-mails with this guy who is just getting back into the scene can I for the life of me remember his name.. see my crap memory, Car was built in the 90's by the look and looked well sat on the show field.

32 Coupes suit Hot Rod and Street Rod styles, this one had a lot of nice details.

NIce Work!

Tangerine Dream.. Willy's truck shone well in the Sunshine..

Like a scene from Hot Rod Hell Cats eh!

Kev Rooney set up the ACE camp and had a lot of people round talking, about current laws etc..

New truck on me a stunning perfect mid 50's Chevy Truck, probably my pick of the show.

Then again a 56 F100 in two tone...?? Hard choice .. er Ok they are both my best of show.

Then again... a 32 Pickup with sculptured rear guards.. must be up there.. oh sod it how can anyone pick which cars are best as there just are so many..

See what I mean, great cars/triuck at every turn.

Dont Jailbars look hard as fuk.. this Matt 46 doing the tough guy job to perfection.

Talking of tough guys, there was a great display of Chops at the Nats, brought there by the Hot Rod Bikes crew.. I love this kind of thing.. anyone dare say scooter in my presence.. these are what you want.

Great looking 40's knuckle head floated my boat..

"Phew" it sure was thirsty work looking round the show feild so a cool pink of Strongbow was in order and a few songs by the fantastic Mojo Kings... ahh heaven.

Some took their drink outside and kept looking at the Cars.

These Guys build some crazy looking Cars and Trucks on air.. this one was Crazeeeeeee running a rear rad and wild blown motor...

My Good Mate, Mike Noble with new wife Louise, had driven over 350mile to get to the Nats and 350 smiles aswell in the detuned Honky Tonkin.. ... they sure had some fun.

What do you do when you have seen all the cars you want and want some kicks... ye get dragged behind a car round the feild sat in a bread tray... dont ya!

This was a Bruce'y Bonus... the Mojo Kings, oput on a free open air concert. They played for hours and ya just cant get enough of thes guys. They are so enthusiastic and play real lively toon's... (since heard they have split up.. shame!) I have put a short video of them playing on youtube click here to here them ( I apologise it is so short and a bit jumpy I was just messing with my new camera and didnt know how much memory it would take)..

Itso looked like the Mojo's were going to be playing all night, to the worry of these guys who were booked to play in the entertainment shed.. this night and nobody was there as they were all at the Mojo gig.... they needent of worried as when we did get up to see them the place was jam packed and they were also great entertainment and loved every minute of them...


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