Saturday Nats Fever!

I didn't feel like getting up very early today, my head felt like it was about to burst... but the sodding Dogs were whining to go out...Yawwnnnn Groaaaaan.... 7 bloody thirty am......Grrrrrrr. So sod it I got up took the dogs out for their constitutional. when I got back to the caravan, I couldn't be arsed to get back into kip so I got scrubbed up and decided to scrub the truck up to, glad I did really as it looks so much better when its cleaned and spruced.

Had a stroll round once we were all sorted and everyone seemed to be buzzing. The show field was filling up with cars ready for the 12pm cruise from quite early on.

We (Me, Pudzz, Mick Shepherd and Dave Mellor) had decided to go out onto the cruise route and wait at a lay bye so I could get some photos and also push in ;o) sshhhhhh.

Pudzz and Dave Mellor were in a feeder road for some local houses when I caught them up... not the usual lay bye, I guess Mick had gone on further up the road where we stopped last year. Pudzz was having problems, his Jalopy had chucked all its water out, so I flew back to camp got a stash of water for him and just got back to Pudzz just as the Cruise started to file out of the show ground.

Nice Chevy Suburban heads the cruise out.

Ex Wayne Stream 35 still as cool as ever stunning car "Dream"!!

Custom Car feature Fordson looks like its going to eat you as it drives by.

I love this photo Blown hard as nails Pop, with a load of chops staying a safe distance away...

Just bloody paint it, ya scruffy get ! ;o)

T's always look great on the road don't ya think.

I think these were together, ace looking 60's Truck with the girl on a bike following.. there really is something about women who ride bikes, that I really think is cool.

The cars and bikes cruising bye looked fantastic, once a few had passed we pushed our way in. Then got stuck in a traffic jam of Rods,Trucks, Yanks and bikes which was cool.

I noticed a large pool of oil on the road every now and then as we inched our way along. I sussed it to one of two yanks in front and thought.. whoo man they have a problem.. The trail of oil went right up the cruise route and onto the prom. When we did eventually stop were I could get out to tell the Yank driver guys, they had already sussed it, turned out to be a oil cooler pipe that had fractured.

Nice looking 34 sat well on the prom.

38 Ford pick em up's Oh Yes please! And this was a really nice one!

Loved this A pick-up was camped by us, drove by often. One of my favorites of the Nats.

2 young lads having a ball in their RPU. Peel out from the Nats cruise.

Perfection in the form of a chopped Hudson lowrider.

A Sedan was another real nice Rod on the prom.

Flattie powered Roadster sat on red steels shod with crossy's... shouts Hot Rod.

Proper nice Woody.

These guys had it sussed, perched up high you could see right up the prom and see all the motors without doing the leg work.

I don't do many later model big Yanks on here but this was to stunning not to... real nice cruiser.

Some photographer guys 32! ;o) Mike and June gave the gorgeous 32 an airing for the Nats.

The prom the cruise park's on, was rammed with sightsee'ers and Rodders with their vehicles.

The NASC had laid on a group to play on the beach and the place is host to plenty of eating and drinking establishments.

We sat and had a nice cold glass of cider and some fish and chips.. how better to spend an hour or two on a sunny day at the beach! Puddz and his miss' had a burger.. then with envious eyes Pudzz asked about our fish and chips.. "they look good" he said " how much were they?"... "bloody expensive" I said but worth it when you are hungry and they go so well with cider sat on the beach front...."How much then? I said "£8.25" So Pudzz goes and order's his and nearly had a coughing fit when they asked for £8.25 for one as he thought I had meant £8.25 for 2... ;o)

After we had stayed long enough, we decided to go check out the Stock Car track as the NASC had secured it for us to use for the day...

Blown Camaro gave it big licks and pulled a tyre from it's rim so suffered wheel damage. Which was a shame as he was only having a bit of fun and it cost him dearly.. great entertainment though mate if its any consolation ;o)

When we got there we could hear loads of cheering and whoooooo's as the action on track was well underway.

Good to see Rods having a go even if most looked like fish out of water... they are not built with roundy round in mind... but still gave a good account of them selfs as they had monster power for the straights!

You can just about make out Dusty's cool A coupe as he starts to wind up a monster burn out.. yes it did get a lot more smoky than this photo.

Then he give it big licks round the roundy roundy track.

I love this with the young kid peering through the fence at the prefect racing round.

Yet more british in the form of a Rover 75 gave the track a pounding.

truck had a test run and turned off saying he didn't like it ...

Many had found the bottle to race their pride and joys round a fast unforgiving, tarmac stock car track *Respect* And John Price was doing a fine job of commentating.

I was surprised at how many spectators there were there and guys and girls willing to race, I was so so tempted, but couldn't be arsed going getting the truck, maybe next year.

Once back at camp we got into the party spirit along with everyone else, barby eaten Cider flowing we had another look round the camp site (walked the dogs).... then we hit the barn where the nights entertainment was.

Tonight it was to be Queenb a Queen tribute band and they rocked the place, one of the most entertain and professional bands I have seen at a rod run ever, they were great fun. Even me who is not a Queen fan loved them. We had a cracking night, with Pudzz accosting and kissing all the guys dressed as women for the fancy dress.

A bit blurry but so where we as Pudzz accosted these tow lovely girls... 10pinter's if I saw any ;o).. and gave Amy a big smacker of a kiss and then told Pochyahiness to get a hair cut ya scruffy get! They were great sports.

The night was fantastic fun, not really into the fancy dress stuff but for them that do, it was a well attended competition, with one bright spark coming on stage with no clothes on cupping his medals, when asked who he had come as, he announced " The Naked Chef"... ;o). But the guy in the photo Amy Whinehouse was the eventual winner after some stiff competition Also a notable was a guy dressed as the Stig and he really did get into the part as I never saw him take his helmet off, even the next night he did the same.... Weirdo!! ;o) Fancy not drinkin all night.

Early night for us boring twats again about 1:30am... we didnt see any late night parties going on by us and we didn't get invited to any either ;o(... so bed it was. Ready for another great day of Rodding tomorrow.. yeeeha.


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