Its tough at the top

It was a later start so we could all get breaky and coffee before the ascent on Hartside. It set off in absolute sunshine so the rain as we started the climb was a bit of a shock. But nobody turned back, even though I did hear someone say.. I don't fancy a drive up a hill today.

We stopped in a tiny village to regroup I was about midway in the line up here, with loads behind. Funny though as I set off at the back just in case anyone got lost. Somehow many ended up behind me.. er so they must of got lost and seen me drive past I guess.

There was a bit of a jam as we reached the summit as the car park was rammed, with bikers and a few sight see 'ers I did pity the guys behind me as some had to stop on a very steep section of the climb.

The cops had decided today was the day they would try and educate and save all the bikers, with a video showing the perils of riding a motorbike. The Rods created a bit of a stir.

The car park is huge though and coped well with the extra visitors.

Cops seemed to be to occupied with the Bikers to really bother about us.

The air ambulance came and landed to bring home to all the crazy bikers what its like to have the Helicopter called out for and accident!

Pudzz drives over the bridge that announces the start of the climb to Hartside.

All to soon it was home time well for us anyway. We said us goodbye's and that was that. Though as a bonus for those that stayed Craig and Tara had put on a massive barby at their Dez Res for all those who were staying on.. Some doing this one staying till mid week then on to the Cleethorpes Hot Rod Holiday which must be ace to do if you can!

Seeya Next year when it will be bigger and better.