Hot Rods and Hills

This was one event I was really looking forward to, 1 because my mate Craig organize's it all and 2 its the most local run to me... oh and 3 its a great Run.

I had booked the weekend off work so could do the full drive outs this year. The truck was running great and looking Ok so I was really looking forward to this do. I took the caravan up Thursday, but didn't intend to use it until after work Friday.

We booked in and were taken aback to have to fork out another £5 for the entertainment. I thought the camp site owners were taking a liberty actually, as they were only taking money from the Rodder's not everyone on camp and the entertainment put on by Craig (paid for by the owners) was not strictly for us only as anyone is allowed in the club house.. so a piss take really, but if it meant the run was better accepted by them cus of it, then so be it... Buggers!

Took me hours to get the easy erect awning set up (20mins it says in the instructions... yeah right) it was a windy day and the ground was on a slope. So it did me nut in, finally I did get it done but not before, it blew over the caravan roof hitting it so hard, it broke an awning pole and sent the broken bit out through a nice new hole it had ripped in it... twat!!!

It is a little over 60mile from my house to Park Foot Ullswater were the run is held, so just an hour and we are back home, so no big deal.

I managed to nick out of work by 11am Friday and got on the road up to the Run by midday. There were quite a few Cars/Rods there already and couldn't wait to get looking round to see what had turned up.

We had arranged to meet Colin from Scotland (here he is in his newly acquired Coupe) as he was to pick some parts off us to take back home for Russ Grieve.

Me old Mate Dusty was there after mucho work to get his coupe finished in time, so he and Debs his wife (new slim lined version) could enjoy some fun in the lakes. Here my bessy mate Pudzz is having the crack with Dusty, I'm sure Dusty don't mind.

We were camped in the posh area cus we had caravans and the riff raff with tent's were in a designated field across the road from us. So to be honest we felt a little bit out of it, though it was only a 2minute walk from where we were camped to the Rod Run field.

Great to see Pete Edwards back over again in his cool 35 Coupe.

Loved the side stand on this Beeza!

Real sweeet 33 Coupe.

27T looked fun, though the caravan looked a tad friendly for 2 occupants..

Chris and Michelle Hay and their stunning 36 Dodge looked awesome in the sunlight.

Chevy Truck looked cool as the sun started to shine.

47 Dodge suited the smoothies and two tone paint and what a setting eh. You can see Ullswater just past the field behind.

WoW the Valley Gas 51 F1 just stunning, some fantastic work and detail, about my fav of the weekend.

Dig that comfy interior couldn't you just imagine sliding into them seats, grabbing that wheel, hitting the gas and just driving for ever! ;o) A perfect Truck for me, for sure!

Here is Craig, in his gas guzzler roadster, thought it was a fire engine at first with all that red .. only jokin.. It looked stunning but sounded a bit sick as the fuel was just pouring into the motor without burning to much of it.

Look at that 390 BB Ford and the Retro-tec inlet with 8... yeah count em 8.. 94's disguising the modern Hi-Tec injection system.. dig those crazy implement (tractor to you and me) front tyres.. artillery wheels.. a hard as nails Roadster for sure. once John Sleath has had his expert hands on it, it will go a wild as it looks... bet Craig cant wait... should be fun to see wazzing up the strip, dont ya think.

Well after a good look round the early arrivals, we headed for the nearest village (Pooley Bridge) which was a nice picturesque walk round Ullswater edge to have a spot of liquid sustenance.

We found a nice old Pub with a big beer garden and sat there enjoying the sun and had a good chat with some people there with a couple of Staffies (we have 2). One of them was from the west coast of Cumbria and I love talking with them as they fascinate me with the way they put Eh on the end of every sentence. " I av got this dog eh" " and its good eh" " dint want to have any pups did we, so we had her spade eh" Cracks me up... eh! ;o)

Then we were joined a couple of pints later by Dusty and Deb's and a short while later Chris and Michelle Hay joined us. We had a good crack, sat looking out onto the Village road, watching rods arriving and driving past all the time. Glorious sunshine, great company, fantastic views, beer and food what better a way, to spend a nice summer evening in the Lake District!

Later we went up the club house, don't remember a lot about it bar my mrs getting wobbly and ending up chucking her wine over ToTus's wife... not a great thing to do when you have only just met them for the first time... "trust her" I thought. So that was pretty much it for the first day. Well as much as I am wiling to share with you that is. Needless to say, I was sat in my truck in a strop until 2.30am but decided I best get some comfy sleep as it was to be a demanding drive tomorrow.

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