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Thankfully woke up feeling good today as we didn't over rev the night before. Me and Pudzz had said Saturday for racing and Sunday for enjoying the scenery and to get into the feel of the meet. Had a great Full English to start the day had a look round the pits then got cocked in the stands to watch some cool cars frig about on the strip.. like ya do!

Love A bone pickups, please don't let it rust away it's it's 80th birthday today ;o)

See they do look ok with some clothes on..

Lodsa 29's.... oh yeah!

Ace wheels and blown flattie in/on this 32 Roadster. Coool or what.

Nice F1 sits pretty in the sun.

This A Vicky started my mate Pudzz thinking about maybe a different colour for his 32 runner's. Rubellion looks madder every time I see it.

Talking of Mad ;o).... Na Andy aint mad just far to much bottle.. a future funny car driver if ever I saw one.. He sure is thee man at the moment, a real crowd pleaser...Big Gonads!

Fukin poser's ;o) ha ha... ah just noticed its the blown Flatty 32 from above... well the car's cool if nowt else ;o)

Talking of cool.... here's more of the flat bonce guys.. and gals.

Surprised that this one has a ohv motor all the looks of one of the flat head go'ers.. now dig them turnups man... where do you find pants that long ;o)

The flathead meltdown dudes line up and never looked more cool.. love it!

If ya got the style ya got the style..

You lot are car mad!

Missed a great shot when this guy was leaning on his roof... couldn't get my camera loaded quick enough, so I had to be content with this side shot.Yet another 29A with what looks like a Daimler Hemi.

Sometime's you get sick of looking at cars and something just happens to take your eye ;o)

I would of given her a lift, the crazy guy in the Camaro just drove right past this hitchhiker. nutter!!

Hang on to it as long as you can!! ;o)

Well after some great racing the inevitable oil down struck again so me and pudzz decided to have one last look round break camp and knob off home to sunny Cumbria..

Love Alan Spittle's center door T, Al has owned this from the mid 70's when he brought it back from the US Nats (I think it was the Nats)... looking good as ever... so's the car ;o)

Oh yeah forgot the update on the LPG, well it ran perfect and with a much better range now I have the tank sat in the correct plain... Derrrrrr I ran out at jct6 on the M6 last time out, I now got all the way to the Drags and back up to Strattford services and it still wasnt empty, even with a couple of detours off the motorway to try and fill up cheaper.. so all in all I was well chuffed. Though pissed off about the artwork ;o(.. Johnnyr@t did a fantastic job but it is now all covered up.. Bugger!!!!

Well that's it for 2009... I may do a write up for the Northern swap meet... maybe not...
Just a note I thought I would share with you all. In my supernats report I put the wrong caption under a Hi-Tec rod. I wouldn't mind I know who the owner and car is, just a mistake as I was rushing!... But Boy did I get a flea in my ear from the owners wife for mixing their car up with someone else's...Not a nice gentle nudge saying ya pillock you got it wrong.. oh no... this was a raging blast at me and adding if I dont know a car from a pick-up (long story) maybe I should give up doing this site.... well maybe I should eh!!!
Because all I ever wanted was to be.................................................................... is a lumber jack ;o)

Joking apart, if you do spot I have a name or car wrong please drop me an e-mail and be polite.
Remember I only do this for fun, I have no journo qualifications, in fact I only got a grade 3 CSE in english not even a GCSE.... so you have to make allowances ;o) There will be mistakes there will be plenty of bad grammar to... but once I start getting paid to do this, I promise to try harder Terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr x

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