Sunday you show me and I'll show you!

Well as is usual with the big shows, Sunday is spit and polish day. We get our cars all cleaned up from the day before's driving and stick em on the show field, along with a heap more Sunday only cars, for everyone to look at, scrutinize, enjoy, or slag off depending on their outlook of it all. This 300E is a cracking car, I have always had a soft spot for one and this one is bang on, nice one who ever you maybe.

37 Nash was fresh out at the Supernats, and was classed as a debut car at Drayton and won the title of best debut and was without doubt a worthy winner.

59 El Camino was gorgeous.

Julian (Acker) Atkinson's Model A sedan getting a final polish.

MMmmmmmmmmmmmm ;o) Car mad you lot!

Blown 34

Dave Mellor's fresh out 56 F100 was another Debut Car got a top ten and was a close runner up for the best debut title. Great story, I was talking with Dave and he was telling me, his daughter had to drive it to Drayton while he towed the caravan down with another vehicle. She had never driven a left hooker before and the Truck was an unknown quantity as it had only been driven a few mile before this run. She said she was pappin em but it drove great and in the end she enjoyed it. Dave has yet to have a proper drive of it... oh and it has no door mirrors which made it fun for her. That takes bottle in my eyes to drive an unknown Yank Custom truck as your first drive of a left hand drive vehicle.

Beautiful Mick Shepherd interior all smelling lovely like only new leather can.

Now for some Hot Rods seen as this site is called UK Hot Rods I best had eh!!

Just thought this bike was stunning with some ace details, it just kinda flows.


Another amazing F100, a 53 I think with 56 badges sits real cool on bags. I would love there to be a Truck nationals or truck only meet over here, there are some fantastic Trucks on these shores now and here is another.. perfect!

Purple 32 Coupe.

Aye up another bugger, a 55 same as mine now we gotta all get together one meet as I think it would look so impressive. how nice is this one!!

Cream firewall and red steels shod with crossplies always works for me!

I think we have some kind of rust vibe going on here with this A coupe.. Check out the cartoon size shifter, now this baby made me smile I love it!

You got it !! ;o)

Yum bloody Yum

Here is the Top Ten line up yeah I am embarrassingly in there to.. the fukin Bentley got a trophy for damaging his £5k wheels???? what the?? jeez one less bottle of bubbly for you dude so you can afford them to be repaired.. To be honest the guy was cool, I had a crack with him as we waited to do the 1/8th mile drags and I did hear he was going to buy a Rod.. so good on him... but not sure why a brand fire new Bentley was allowed to compete at a Custom show ?

The End!





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