The Straight and narrow

Saturday cruise is a great one for the NASC run, it is a fair drive out to Curburough race track and a great way to spend a few hours enjoying our cars. The ones who don't enjoy the car thing to much get free entry in to Drayton Manor Theme park and Zoo while us petrol heads go have a race fix.

We started assembling for the cruise around 11:45am ready for the prompt 12pm start. A nice cruise out to Curburough and those who wanted to have a blast along the 1/8th mile drag lined up and headed out onto the track. I thought yeah why not seen as I had my new cam, inlet and carb fitted. It would be cool to see if it felt any faster, and would be a good fun even if it wasn't. The ones who just wanted to watch lined the perimeter fence on a raised banking and made for some real nice laid back fun atmosphere.

Ronnie and Reggy the Twins in their Specials. (I know they arent called Ronnie and Reggy just I always call em that)

Just shooting the breeze before the Cruise to the race track.

Not sure where he came from but in the line up was a brand fire new Bentley????? and all manner of Rod, Custom and Brit classic etc etc.

I will let the photos do the talking now. enjoy!

I struggle to do slow, so had to pass a few on the drive out!

Nice mixture of Cars made it to the track

Reggy and his brother ;o) (I forget his name) line up for the 1/8th mile drag. These guys are down to earth no bullshit Rodders and an insperation to us all. They enjoy life to the full... Ace!!

Look at that concentration!!

I had to didnt I.

Very quick coupe I think I heard the lad who owns it say it was a 9 sec car...whooooooo!

The remake of Rubbellion is wild, but broke a steering arm later.

Mk1 was real nice my favourite shape Cortina and looked like it had just stepped out of Hot Car 1980 (with taste).. Cool.

Blown Pop looked hard

Bri in the Ex McCormack Y very quick but I think Bri was being very carful with his right foot ;o)

Wild blown 57 was awesome

Very Nice Roadster smoked em!

34 Sedan is Rodding mate with the guy below in the 34 sedan/pheaton hi-tec from Cornwall.

Show and Go Hi-tec Pheaton!

My mate Pudzz dispite breaking an engine mount bolt or two just couldnt watch he had to get amongst it.

After the 1/8th mile drags, the rest of the track was opened up for some corner action. Tony Grayston had done the 1/8th and now the roundy roundy bit.

Never one to miss an oportunity to race, bike, or car, track, field, mud, sand you name it Odgie race's on it.. Cool Dude!

Cars lined the spectator banking to all in all a fantastic day out with our cars!

Such a Big lad in such a little Car ;o).. Just back from the 1/8mile drags still smiling from the buzz.

So that was the day sorted all bar our customery chineese from the local take away. All spruced up we all headed for the Drayton Manor club house for much merryment. From what I remember the band were Ok. Then it was back to our Caravan for some late night crack (talk) and a final top up of alcohol.. Sorry it aint like the write ups I used to do. One I am in a rush as I am of to Craigs Hot Rod and Hills do in the morning and 2 I am loosing the enthusiasum to keep doing these write ups. I know I should keep doing them as they are a record of our scene, but it is getting like a school trip now, were I cant just sit back and enjoy the run like I want to.. I will just see how it goes this season. I may just do photo reports.. ;o) See told you I was getting lazy. xx

Sunday Show and shine



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