Drayton Manor NASC Neils Springnats 2009

Odgie (special) Me (Gold 55 F100) Pudzz (32Sedan)

Hi all who ever you may be, or maybe I have neglected my write ups so much that nobody bothers to come here anymore.. who knows. But first if anyone does read my rubbish, then I must apologise profusely for taking so long on doing this write up and even not doing some I should of.. So here goes lets see if I can still do it, I have probably forgotten most of what happened as it is a month ago..

As seems the norm now for us we treat this run as a family Holiday and as such my son, daughter in law and my grand kids come with us aswel as my daughter, wife and good Mate Pudzz and all his family to. This makes for a great way for us all to enjoy ourselves as we can do the car thing and the family can enjoy themselves in the Theme Park and Zoo.

We all enjoy the entertainment and the Car thing to, this makes for us the best family Rod run in the UK. Its in a fantastic location and is run perfectly by the NASC volunteers, to be fair it doesnt attract all the best Rods, I have no idea why as it is the most fantastic venue.

Friday didn't bode well for the weekend as it blowing a hooley with torrential down pours from marauding storm clouds. We didn't make the 6:30am deadline so Pudzz set off ahead of us. As we passed south Preston, we got a frantic call from Pudzz " I am on the hard shoulder my engine mount has broken and the car is dead". I told him we were about 1/2hr away and will stop and see what we can do. The traffic was horrendous and I didn't fancy being sat on the hard shoulder, but a mates a mate and we will do what ever it takes to help as he would with me.

As neared where Pudzz had broken down, we saw his Car and Caravan on the hard shoulder with the motorway police, his daughter, boyfriend and his other 2 daughters all there and the whole area was covered in traffic cones because of road works and it was right on a slip road..

There was no where for us to pull in and we just had to just speed past. I felt a right twat but there was no way we could of got between the cones safely to get on the hard shoulder, god knows how Pudzz had managed it with his massive caravan in tow???? But I know when in a crisis Pudzz has this amazing ability to turn on almost superhuman like abilities and turns on all his senses to get himself through what ever is threatening him and his family, he amazes me sometimes.

We stopped at the next services and waited and hoped he could get the Car fixed.

When he made it to the services, it turned out the 2 bolts holding the engine mount to the block had sheared?? He managed to get one out with pliers, then take one from his bell housing, jack the block up and fit a new bolt in..

That was the easy part. The engine had dropped and the exhaust had sat on the wring loom and burned through about 15 wires and melted them all together.. He looked at the Coppers and said.."Give me 15mins and I will fix it" "Ok they said" and waited and watched in awe ;o) He pulled every wire apart and his wife Sue cut strips of tape and he slowly seperated then joined and made good his loom and up the motor fired upfirst crack.

Luckily he has a safety cut out system in his loom and this stopped it all going up in smoke. They got a police escort off the motorway and they all calmed down over a few cups of coffee in the services car park. Then we all carried on for a proper stop at Stafford where we met Odgie all geared up for a trip to the north pole by the look.

Dont look it now but the weather had been horrendous previously.

Once at Drayton we made camp and what fun that was, with the afore mentioned marauding storm clouds that seemed to know just when I needed to be out in the open and consequently drenched me. The winds made for a fun time putting up tents and awnings.. But as always we managed it and enjoyed a cool one once we had done the ASDA big shop.

Cool 40 Ford

The sun came out later and we managed a barby and a look round the cool cars that there arriving all the time.

Nice 28A Roadster Pickup an e-bay find and not daft money either

Cool interior of the above A

Arran's just gorgeous A Coupe I love it!!

Dont know who's this coupe is but it looks real sweet.

The cool guys hang out!

Rubellion sure is undergoing some wild changes from its early days...

Some kind of 60's spaceship vibe going on here I think!

Now how prefect is this baby... tri-carbed Hemi powered Coup with split bones....wheel and tyre combo is perfect to... awesome !

Real nice 34 pick-up was on the show field for our delicacy. Niicceee!

A-B to you to me!! A coupe also had a rocket vibe going on with an Olds rocket engine and rocket shaped headers. see more of the grey coupe in tomorrow's write-up

Finished off the day up in the club house and a good time was had by all. (loads more happened I just cant remember what it was) ;o)

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