Sunday show and shine day

The show field was packed

Sunday started with a bit of an overcast sky but the sun was threatening to shine through all the time. The guys next to us gave me some free polish and I gave the Truck a last polish for the show. I am not a great lover of Trophies an shows as I have often said. But that said I wanted mine to look its best as you seem to get one season unless your motor is really something special and then it's a has been, which is fine by me then I can just enjoy it.

Big Apoligy to Andrew Turley the builder of this mega cool 34 Sports sedan, not a US import or seen in the classifieds in CC, my memory didnt serve me well. Nothing like the Vicky that is for sale in CC. This car was UK built and in the Top Ten at the Supernats and the Nats sos's Andrew ;o)x

I cant believe I did the Friday write up and the Saturday one and didn't mention about my forth coming 15mins of fame ;o)... When I was at Billing Mike and June Key had asked about my Truck and also about doing a feature for Custom car. Well Friday was the day we did the shoot and I forgot all about mentioning it...warrra numpty ;o)

Rare 38 Ford 5 window.

Yeah we drove out to some old Airship Hangers that are now used by film companies. It was a great buzz watching Mike line up shots and the moving ones were just crazy as Mike strapped himself into the back of his little pickup as we zoomed along a private road getting that all important on the move shot, he's a dare devil for his profession that's for sure. So look out in a forth coming issue of Custom Car for my F100. Though I never ever thought I would own, let alone build a car worthy of Custom Car it has always been a desire of mine to have one in there, I will be so chuffed when I see it. I hope it aint to long off or I will bust with anticipation ha ha.

Just a really Cool 28 Roadster

Once the Truck was as shiny as I could be arsed to get it, I set about getting my free entry forms filled in for the give away 31 Chevy Coupe that I really did want. I met with Gaz O' Conner and I got all the answers I could off him and we found out the odd one or two we didn't know. I had the honor of pushing the Coupe out into the sunlight with a couple of others and that I am afraid would be the closest I would get to owning it.

Pop pickup had this neat trick bullet zooming down its hood side

Well I lined up my truck on the show field and it was choker and as I looked round I thought I have no fuking chance of a Top Ten with this line up as there really were some fantastic machines there and I saw at least 40 I thought were better than mine. As the day wore on, we were all getting a bit knackered as it was so bloody hot and you can only buy so much water and ice cream before you OD. I said I might aswell get the towbar back on the truck and the rear toneau cover so we could get an early get away. I was driving up to our camp when they read out the names of the top ten winners and my name wasn't mentioned I wasn't bothered as I knew there were plenty better cars there than mine and we needed to get going now so I was kinda glad. As I downed camp I heard my name and about 3 more mentioned ??????

I am not one for Customs even though I have a custom truck but this er Buick? was extra special.

Hard Core line up headed by wild deville style coupe.

Maybe the best pickup in the Uk..... just goes to prove that even great cars dont win year after year.

Just the most perfect steel 32 5 winda again from the McCormack stable, Gary sure builds real nice Rods even if his taste in hats is a bit weird.

I have no idea what was going on and I went to the marquee to see what was wrong ;o)

Again Nice Pickup

Not sure what this is but it was nice to see Hi-Tec rods still being built.

Yep I had only been voted in the top ten Ha Ha.. I couldn't believe it and I felt a bit embarrassed with there being so many cool cars there. I think my miss's was a bit peeved as she wanted to get home early ;o)

Pop was in the Top ten.

Wild bug eyeed willys PU

Tony Osbornes Willys coupe reputed to be pushing out 960bhp and Ozzy is apparently pee'd off as someone must of nicked that all important last 40bhp as he knows it is a 1000bhp motor ;o)

I couldn't believe it here was me with something I made rubbing shoulders with all these cool people with some amazing Cars... I just laughed to myself in disbelieve.. and laid back and enjoyed my go in the winners circle while it lasted.

Winners circle

Russ Grieve's latest toy he had just picked it up that weekend and got in the top ten.

More winners

Back stage were we lined up Big Ozzy was having some fun as he had left his pumps on and flattened his battery trying to start his wild 40 Willys that was voted participants choice... what a mad machine that is and what a cool down to earth guy to, no edge at all even under pressure he had time for you Top Guy! Mad Car!

Well the drive home was a blast the F100 performed impeccably and I could of driven on and on.

The only Rod we saw on the way home

Only casualty on the run home was Pudzz's new straw hat he had bought as it blew off his head and down the M6 ;o)

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