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Well never done it before but, I forgot my camera Saturday and it was probably the best photo opportunity day ever ;o( I don't know what happened. I got up bright and early probably still buzzing from the fact I was there in my Truck all finished and it was running great.

I gave the truck a reluctant polish as I hate doing stuff like that. The guys next to us came over and were real complimentary about my Truck and Pudzz's 32 Sedan. Now Pudzz is a fanatical cleaner and polisher, everything he owns is immaculate, me I am just a naturally scruffy bugger so everything I have is messy and scruffy. I got out a carrier bag with some old polish and a couple of rags, Pudzz pulls out a large Auto Glym holdall that folds out into a large suitcase full of all sorts of car cosmetics ;o) He had the works and proceeded to get his Sedan looking amazing, while I just slapped a bit of polish on.

We decided once that was done to go to the seminar that the NSRA had organized, it was the guy from Fat Man fabrications. It was a very interesting but also very technical seminar, so while I found some interest in it, Little Chris who came with us thought he was listening to a martian, he had absolutely no idea what on earth he was talking about. ;o)

Then it was time for the Cruise, we went to line up on the field and it was madness as everyone was jockeying for position. Pudzz came along side and said I have a bloody Yank hitchhiker in the back. I looked in and nodded to the rear passenger. Pudzz got out and said I always fukin get em me ;o)

The drive out was ace going down some real narrow (narrow if you are in a lhd F100 anyway) country roads. Nearly having a proper mishap as some numpties in a BMW decided to just stop and watch the Rods etc drive by. Only problem was it was one of those afore mentioned narrow lanes and they stopped and cars coming the other way didn't and us following behind all had to test our brakes in an emergency stop fashion. The pop 2 cars in front of me stopped without any drama, but the 38 Ford in front of me (Euro Rodder) had a bit more trauma as it skidded and then darted left toward the ditch in case it wasn't going to stop before hitting the Pop and I prayed that this was the time my M/C would perform perfect as it had been failing every now and then (all sorted now mind with a new m/c fitted I will add) well luckily it worked perfect and we stopped Ok and without chucking either of my unrestrained passengers through the screen.

That was enough drama and thankfully it went from then on without incident.

The destination was the Mopar Nats at the Pod and we all got free entry which was brilliant.

Then we we all got parked, my passenger Craig saw who Pudzz's hitchhiker was, it was only Herb Martinez a famous US pinstripper. Pudz had no idea. When Craig told him he was well impressed and said, Oh I have his mobile number here to ring him when we are ready to leave, he was smiling now and cool he didn't know who he was as he just treated him like anyone else and I bet Herb enjoyed that.

Pudzz cool Herb the hitchhiker pinstripping

The racing was ace and we had a fuking brill time of it, and was even cooler walking back up the pits with cool dude Herb in tow. Pudzz got him to sign his sedan with Herb was here 08. Then got some real nice rear panel pinstripping by Herb to.

The rest of the day was spent looking round the trade stalls and looking at cool cars.

Just adding a couple of Sunday's pics as I havent any from Saturday

Real nice and different Triumph Renown was camped by us all weekend to, very classy build.

This Willys was for sale and got a few all excietd about being its next owner it was V6 powered which made a change.

The night was a proper buzz with some good music coming from the marquee and hundreds of people milling about outside. I wont go into everything that went on, just one thing stood out in my mind, when one of the guys from the continent started up his motor a blown big block open headered Rod around midnight and shook the whole place.. I saw Dave Bickerdyke shake his head and turn away and say I am not looking I am not looking ;o)

This was the motor that cracked up at indecent past eleven on Sat night I think Grraaaaa

Then Kerry Tate started his cooler than cool A coupe up, but this time it was near a toddler in a trolly. The guy who I guess was the father just went off on one at Kerry. Now I know Kerry aint no hooligan and would not in a million years do that on purpose. Fuk 2 mins before a monster noisy Rod had just blasted the whole place away and he didn't say owt!! But this guy was wanting to inflict violence on Kerry for sure as he was dragged back by I guess his wife. Well nothing came of it I am glad to say as it could of turned ugly if Kerry had reacted in the same way as matey had.... Hey Ho eh. But I guess if the buggy was parked next to Kerry's pipes when it started the poor kid would of got a real fright, which is a real shame, but a rodder would of known that and not parked a buggy anywhere near a Rod with open pipes..

When the marquee shut so did we, I have done the late night stuff to often now and know how it messes' up all the next day and I didn't fancy breaking camp and driving home all fuzzy the next day

Sunday show and shine day

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