Supernats 08

Not done the NSRA Supernats for a few year, my miss's has always said she didn't like it, to snobby were her words ;o) But seeing as I had the F100 done and I wanted to get as much mileage out of it this season as I could, she relinquished and agreed to go.

I didn't fancy the full run down and set up in one day. So we decided to do a leisurely drive down the A1Thursday, stop at the nearest to Old Warden travelodge there was and do the rest of the journey the next day. So I wasn't to knackered after setting up the caravan and the inevitable polishing of the Truck ceremony to enjoy the Friday laze about day.

The truck was running ace on LPG and apart from loosing the caravan door mirror all went without a hitch. We arrived at the Travelodge about 9pm and there were a few of the Scottish guys already there and seemed to be getting into the party spirit all congregating in one room with plenty of laughs and tooing and froing coming from there. While we two boring farts walked the dog.

Up early Friday and after a good breaky we headed for Old Warden, the Scottish guys had already left.

But the NSRA book in marquee wouldn't be open until 9am so no point rushing. There were a good amount of cars and people there when we arrived and there was a buzz in the air you could feel.

I was on a bit of a high from the fact the F100 had performed so well and I was now at the biggest NSRA show of the year in it, I couldn't stop smiling, it felt real cool. So while we waited I had a look round the cars already lined up ready to book in. I love to see Rods with caravans on the back, maybe so I don't feel such a knob towing mine.

Some preferred to save the job of cleaning off all the dead bugs and polish the bright work after a long drive there ;o)

Cool Gasser Willy's shows it can haul house as well as ass!

Steve Birds 32 Truck still looking as peach as ever, queued patiently.

Once the NSRA welcoming committee opened up for signing in, there was a ordered and gentlemanly rush to be first. That was tackled expertly by all involved. I heard Diane, say to Natalie, "next year it may be an idea if we file them numerically" referring to the pre-booked envelopes they had to give to everyone. To which Natalie replied "I wont be doing it next year" Poor girl did looked harassed, we are very lucky that we do have people prepared to work their butts off so we can have a good weekend, for that I applaud and thank them all.

Well we soon got camped and set about seeing what was were, well when I say we soon got camped I missed a bit there. After 1hr of putting the caravan legs down and trying in vain to get it level, to lifting them back up and moving it several times before we reached caravan level nirvana that is. Than I could set the camp up which take a further hour and me being a sweaty bugger I can tell you the first beer would not even touch the sides.

Best chance of my miss's enjoying this meet, was if she could get talking with other women there. So a few days earlier I asked where Bob Booth and Mick Shepherd and their wife's usually pitch and thought we had the right place.... er no we found Mick and Bob a few hundred yards away and yet again we was on our own " Bugger".

One year we will manage to camp up with a load of others and hopefully get into the crack of it all. My miss's still feels an outsider and finds it hard to get to know people, that makes for a hard weekend for me and as she says, it is just my thing we are doing, even though I try my best to make it a sharing hobby.

Well we did go and spend some time at Mick's over a few beers and watched the rods arrive and pose round, I was in heaven!

Now I didn't get my self into gear for taking photos for some unexplainable reason so I must apologize if anyone is expecting loads of photos but I kept forgetting my camera or simply didn't get my camera out when I should of done. I am loosing the drive really to do the write ups as I just want to enjoy it all, and you don't when you are constantly looking for photo opportunities.

Cool Cars were arriving all the time.

We decided to try the local hostelry which was a short walk away. I did take my camera along this time. It really is ace seeing the Rods on the move far better than static in a field.

There was a constant stream of them to as we walked to the Pub.
Now we should of realized from the million pound houses we passed on the road to the pub what to expect, but fish and chips at £12.50 was even more than I could of imagined.

The Beer was nice and cold, the place was Ok to. Lots of posh folks having their self's on was entertaining while we waited for our £12.50 fish and chip supper.

Mind you, you could of had a £22.50 steak if ya fancied or £24.50 for Salmon was tempting ;o) But I resisted and went for a piece of battered haddock. I cant remember what my miss's had oh yeah I can it was Steak Pie.... my fish arrived with a tiny pot of mushy peas and a similar pot of tartar sauce... but no chips???? so I waited and waited... then I lifted my fish up and no fuking way .... I laughed out loud.. 5 frigging chips I kid you not 5 sodding chips.. 12fukin pound fifty and 5 chips!!!!!! Oh how the knobs must love to get ripped off, but did I say anything? no I didn't I just excepted it as all us reserved British folk do and just bent over and got shafted...

I did hear later though if you ask for an extra bowl of chips you got plenty, Hey ho ya live and learn so we went back to camp with lots of room for lovely beer.

The crack round the show field marquee was fantastic and the music sounded bang on, it was a real good night. The band were ace, top marks to the NSRA, what a great sight (sorry no pic) outside the marquee were two Cool A coupe's Arran's and Kerry's sourounded by cool dude's and Betty's, and the crack just flowed. Oh yeah now that's what its all about!!

Loads of stuff happened I am sure but my memory is shot and I have left it to late to start writing this poop again.. I do find it hard these days to get motivated to do this, the web site I enjoy and the doors it opens for me, the great people it has helped me get to know, but these write ups take up to much time + I feel things have changed so much in the last 8 years maybe I could stop doing them and they wouldn't be missed. Custom Car do fantastic write ups and there are so many talented photographers about now who post fantastic photos just hours after an event (some even while the event is still running) maybe my stuff has become redundant. We will see. I mean I haven't even done Saturday and Sundays write ups from Drayton Manor yet and not one single person has pulled me on it.. so maybe nobody even reads this shit anymore. "Hum?"

Saturday Cruise day

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