Sunday show and shine day

Having Sunday breaky

I may get very controversial in this write up as I feel quite strongly about this Run being called the Street Rod Nats.... You may of noticed my total lack of calling it thus in the previous days write ups... that was intentional. As I looked round the cars there, there were some very nice Street Rods in attendance... but to label it the Street Rod Nat's"in my humble opinion that is" is wrong. As there was more std Yanks and late model stuff than Street Rods and lots of bog stock cars to...

I can always remember reading in Custom Car in the late or mid 70's how they thought it a joke also. I thought them very harsh as in them days street rods in the Uk where very thin on the ground, now they are not. There are enough Rods in the UK now to have a proper Street Rod Nats.. you only have to go to the Supernats (NSRA) to see that.

Now I am not knocking this run or the NASC who do an amazing job of putting on this event, it is one awesome event and great fun without any doubt what so ever... but the name Street Rod Nat's is wrong, very wrong. Street Machine Nat's yeah... NASC Nat's yeah, or what ever but not Street Rod Nats..

For some obscure reason the NASC have registered the rights to the Name Street Rod Nat's so it cant be used by the NSRA even if they wanted to....

Well that's how I feel and I feel better now for saying it and if I get stick for these views then so be it, sometimes you need to stand up and be counted, so here I stand to be counted ;o) The Street Rod Nat's should be the name of the NSRA Supernats 100% in my opinion and a new name given for the this event.

Right on with the show ;o)

Controversy provoking Commer Truck looked mean coming at ya..

Hard as nails Study Truck

I got up after a good lay in, had some breaky and took the Truck to the show field after a quick wipe over with a chamois leather couldn't be arsed waxing it, it looked good enough though, even if I say so myself, oh and it was raining so I couldn't wax it anyway. I aint arsed about trophies anyway, they just cause bad feeling in my view, (fuk I am getting controversial eh) I think maybe I feel I have earned the right to a view on my chosen hobby/wayoflife now I have completed my own project.

Showing how cool air bags are on a trade stand (sorry guys didnt see the name of the company)

Crazy Rough Rod on bags to

I loved this truck and would love it painted for a daily cool.

When I eventually got to the show field/s I was amazed how full they were already. It was about 11am, there were cars everywhere with every style you could imagine.

2 4 T.... old style UK T on the right and new style old style T on left ;o)

I didn't want to be stuck out in the outer fields, so drove down to the end and parked on the main field which looked full. Gaz Potts who is the harmonica player in the Cadillac kings drove in with me and Pudzz in his 32 coupe and parked by us. We had a bit of a crack mainly me telling him how great his band is "suckarse" I got a complimentary CD of their set for being a big fan ;o) I can well recommend it for anyone who likes their cruising music with a rocking beat. I must admit I mostly listen to AC-DC when in the truck but the Caddy Kings will have some air time to as they are cool

Gary Potts Harmonica player with the Caddilac Kings 32 coupe

I think it should be one field or section for those who want their cars to be judged in the show and other sections for those just wanting to show their cars off and not be judged... as it was hard work looking round trying to find the style and type of car I like. They were just mixed up all over from a stock British classic car to a bog stock Yank and many late model yank stuff to and then some nice Rods or Customs hidden in-between. it was a hotch potch of stuff everywhere and proper hard work.

Andrew Thurleys fresh out 34 Sport was a top ten winner sits real nice and great finish and WoW look a Street Rod at the Street Rods Nats how bizzare.

Now your talking fukin ace Flat head powered 34? Pickup yeah baby.

Acid Rain painted A coupe. Must of just come out of the kitchen as it's still wearing its apron. ha ha.. your so funny ;o)

Hard as I looked couldnt see many Street Rods ;o) Lot of cool A Hot Rods about though

Had a few walks round the fields and enjoyed looking at many of the cars there and the trade stands even if it was pizzing down most of the time.

Shiny paint and radials work nice on this real nice roadster

Real deal steel 40's Willy's was fresh import I think and was in the top ten I know.

Not much else to say really about the show day just it was massive some shyte some not so and some very very nice stuff to, and some I am not to sure they should be there types to.. One thing that made me think the separate sections for show cars and none show cars was when talking with one eminent magazine photographer who said the same as me, sometimes you want to photograph a cool car but the one next to it that will be in the frame aswell, aint so cool if ya know what I mean.. me I had a stock as a rock boring Austin Maxi (1800) parked next to me.. now I aint no snob so don't get me wrong and if he thinks his car is cool then it is... but not so at a Custom er Street Rod err show (yeah yeah I know mine aint no street rod either) but ya know what I mean... fuk am I getting up my self?? I really hope not... Just it has to be modified surely to earn its right to be on the show field at a so called Street Rod show event?

Hey Look another Street Rod at the Street Rod Nats A nice one to!

Guess he didnt want to come back to an outdoor swimming pool

Wish I knew car makes and models I would sound so cool... no idea what this is and no point trying to bluff it like I useally do but it is a street Rod.

I know this one ;o) its a chopped 55 F100 and mean as hell

30's Citroen was a very Hi_Tec Street Rod from France I think was in the top ten.

The rear view and door mirrors were camera's viewed on a screen under the dash lots of very nice work on this one.

I loved this T

What a fantastic ally trailor this was all hand riveted a real nice iece of work, just needed better wheels to match.

Got a nice thumbs up from this guy cheers!

Well we left our cars on the field until I cold resist not driving the Truck any longer and i wanted to fill up with LPG. So I drove it back to camp, got showered and made ready for the evening after getting filled up with LPG. I found an LPG garage only 2 mile away but 2 mile in the opposite direction I had gone the other night whaa whaaa..

Health and Safety gone mad.

Me, Pudzz his wife Sue, and me old mate Wally and his wife decided to go out for our evening meal and they also wanted to fill up with juice. We drove down to the Sainsbury's just down the road and found a few Rods and yanks dotted about, and the garage forecourt was blocked of with bollards. Turned out that they cant have people filling up with fuel when they are restocking the tanks, health and safety.... what is this country coming to, I hardly recognize it these days. So we went in search of another gas station.

Me old Mate (from the 70's - 80's) Wally and wife with their new cool as a penguins conkers 36 pickup.

Once fueled we found a nice enough pub for a bar meal and a shandy right next door. That would set us up for the party night at the Nats..

I had to laugh when we parked our cars up, Pudzz in his real cool 32 sedan, wally in his bitchin 36 Nostalgia style (read mega cool) pickup and me in my shiny Gold 55 F100, 2 young scally's came screeching in and skidding their scrappy push bikes into the car park. I though aye up here we go as they skidded right past my Truck.... glanced at Pudzz 32 and Wally's Truck, and one shouted wow wow look at that corr.... when I got to where they were, they had dropped their bikes onto the car park ground and ran up to a matt black mk1 escort and were all over it... ;o) That said it all for me, we all look at stuff with different eyes and I was so glad..

We had a cool mini cruise back to camp ready for the crazy night that is Sunday night at the Nats. More controversy to come :

You just knew there had to be more Trucks to come eh!

I liked the rear view of this A Roadster, alloy chassis end caps gave it a different look.

Real Nice Chevy Truck was perfect.

Ace A Pickup

Guy with quiff was no impressed when he thought the pair of bolicks in the photo might of touched his perfect quiff..

Some Old guys looking at an old car. Street Rod Nats?


Another A roadster niclely finshed

But with what looks like a T style roof plenty of headroom though

As we walked around there were plenty driving about which gave it a great atmosphere.

Real nice sedan amongst the std stuff. See what I mean.

There are some people you just know you need to avoid! ;o)

Sunday party to come and more controversay I dare say. Click here for page 2

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