Time to go home

Forgot to add this photo of Paul Burgess's 34 Morris now with a new owner who has added this cool chrome Grill and It sure does make it look better and real smart, more sporty I feel, nice one who ever you maybe.. Its agreat Britsh Rod and drives great as I have been round the lakes in it. Cool

32 Highboy heads off home early

Beautiful Chevy Truck also gets an early start home.

This is the only Run (bar Euro Nat's) that lasts past the weekend. This is a true 4 dayer and with it being Bank Holiday monday this one didn't end Sunday. Everyone who was a weekend participant got a free draw for a Holiday in the USA... oh how I wanted that, as we haven't been away on holiday this year and don't look like we will now and only got 1 week away last year, so my mr's is not impressed with my love for Rodding as I have been to a few runs on my own while she stays at home and covers for me at work.. ;o) So winning that would of put me in real stead and got me quite a few brownie points... So that made me stay for the top ten prize giving and the Holiday draw at the end.

33 Plymouth Rays Rod's and caravan also dont stay for the Holiday give away.. There are a few rays Rods bodied Cars emurging from who knows where lately and they have all made a great job of making them look a decent Rod, I think it helps when they loose that 70's heavy rake they all had.. Nice one ..

Bob Booth also gets and early start home and came by to say goobye which was nice ;o) Cool car Cool guy !

A few others also stop and say goodbye (not sure who to though?)

But many seemed to be leaving before which i found weird not many had further to travel than us. It was quite cool though parking on the show field now though because of course the Top Ten cars where there and quite a few other real nice cars so it was good to be part of that. you could have a better look round now as it was a lot quieter than the previous day.

Brian Crossly and his mr's stop bye also to say ta ra in their ace A delivery and their mate (forgot his bloody name again) in the Graffiti style coupe and cool teardrop van... we are slowly getting to know a few people now, even if we dont camp together and have that all important private party ;o)

Awesome French Rod with matching trailor head for the show field as he got in the top ten and was a worthy winner for sure..

Prize giving came along and I was amazed the compare didn't have any idea any of the winners names and kept having to ask. There was an announcement also that the saturday cruise was recorded by the Guinness book of records as the largest ever cruise with over 600 cars taking part.. "hum" Woodward Dream Cruise has 40,000 cars????

We head to the prize giving Me, Wally, Pudzz and Dusty.. how ace is it driving which such cool cars, I love it. I just need a Rod now eh!

Caravan side opened to reveal everything including the kitchen sink.

Hi-tec interior shows the cctv monitor that you view the door camera's and rear view mirror camera with.

Door camera cool eh.

And the winners are... er whatshisname in the Chevy Truck.

and do da in the Nitro Express

And thingybob in the beautiful Willy's There were another 7 winners but I didnt get there photos some intentionally some not so intentionally.... Sorry if I missed your car out and it was a Street Rod.

Anyhow the top ten got their trophies and we waited with anticipation of the holiday draw... and the winner is "Bugger" it wasn't me so we made a hasty retreat and started the great journey home and I loved every second of the drive it didn't last long enough I could drive my Truck forever none stop I just absolutely love it... So Hope every one who went enjoyed it we sure damn did I just wish for an event named the Street Rod Nationals there were a heap more Street Rods there... as I feel it should be called the NASC Street Club Nationals... Hey ho! ;o) xxx


All them Cars but we only saw a couple on the return journey. Dusty came hammering by and we caught these guys up.

And I must opologise to Tony Crayston as I didnt realise who he was as he passed me sat drinking Coffee at these services I only realised the guy in the Chopper T-Shirt must of been him when I saw his 34 parked by us when we got back to our cars. Well that was that only the Hot Rod Drags now left for me to look forward to... then the swap meet where hopefully I can sell on some of the stuff I have left from my Truck build... Byeee and keep on Rodding good people and repsect to those who deserve it!

Oh and thnks to the guy who left the two unopened cans of draught Boddies on the bin lid I relly did enjoy them in fact I am drinking one right now cheers.


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