Krispy Kremes Donut meet October (Photos Bob Luxford)

Looks like a great way to spend Sunday Morning if you live within distance of this meet.

Rods and Yanks parked (abandoned) every spare space there was.

Even the mot bay lucky it was shut. Fancy pushing Cabby's 34 Sport and Pat Miles beautiful 40 ford pickup *Dream* to the back..... and Mark Belcher's Chrysler just gets its nose in this shot... No power parking for these guys.

Steve Hale's Hemi powered 34 still looks as good as ever.

Dunno who's this A Sedan is looks cool though Ok its not an A ;o) Its a 31 chevy coach(sedan) an old texas rod that was rebuilt by Paul Hobby for new ownerpaul Freeman ... I knew that I knew that ;o)

Please don't let this astounding car rust away just for street cred *tear*

Brian Lucas stunning flathead powered roadster just so perfect.

Blue 32 Roadster bucking the crossply trend.

Maurice out in the T how unusual ;o) and its for sale if you are looking for a reliable well sorted T that is.

Chris Ranstead's std Pop daily.

Hard as nail's yet strangely beautiful blown 50's Chevy truck

Jailbar Ford looks just so right..... ace!

60's Fleetside cool as.

Hard nosed Buick.

Ya know when I saw this photo tears welled up in my eyes. It brought back so many great memories of my Dad who hasn't long passed away. He loved his big Fords and I remember him being so proud of his 1971 Zodiac Executive, it was a couple of year old when he got it and I was 19 and he used to let me use it, bloody hell if he only knew what we used to get up to in it.;o) But wild as I was in it I never pranged it, I just gave him it back with an empty fuel tank each time... Cool Cars.


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