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My good friend Craig who lives a few miles from me more up North in Penrith, had been harping on to me about organising a Run up here in the North West of England, where we live in the beautiful and scenic Lake District. I got asked to do the NSRA Pre 49 do and so didn't have the time or inclination to do any more (man its a lot or worry and work).

Real Nice 37 Pickup, greeted us in the campsite

So Craig took the Bull by the Horns last year and with no help, put on the very first Hot Rod and Hills Rod Run..and it went down a storm. He got the mixture of Run, Venue and entertainment spot on and the people who attended couldn't enthuse about it enough. A distinct lack of southerners but that was to be expected, but a large group of Scottish Guys attended and a few from the North of England to.. We had a ball and everyone said they would be back next year and they did many fold in fact.

Some cool cars not afraid to be used were dotted about.

To say I was disappointed I could not make the Saturday drive out and evening entertainment is an understatement. I was gutted (family and work commitments). But I had good feedback from Craig who organised this years also all on his own, that things were going pretty much like clockwork well a few went a more scenic route than was planned, but they all made it to the planned stop off for lunch, 45 Rods so I believe, did the testing route ending up at the stunning castle of Lord Lowther.

Brian and his wife in the A sedan + friends in the piss yella coupe, get ready for the drive back over to the east.

I managed to get there just before the off on Sunday with my two good Rodding buddies, Bakey and Pudzz, Bakey in his Pop and Pudzz in El Bastardo his 32 sedan, I was in my F100.

The view as we drove over Kirkstone pass.

We had a fun run over Kirkstone Pass, the climb up was great, the decent into Ullswater was quite alarming at one point as Pudzz frantically flashed me to stop, and there aren't to many stopping places either, but I had to as he looked worried. On stopping a great plume of smoke started to appear from the front of the Truck.. I papped em. I thought sheet the Trucks on fire, but it was soon traced to smoking front brakes, then we noticed Pudzz 32 was the same.. from then on I let it slow under engine braking and all went well from then on... well apart from getting lost ;o) I trusted the SatNav and it was pissed I guess.

Keith "I aint afraid to use it" Freeman and his crazy blown 32, did the lakeland roads and pass's no worries.

NIce looking Y heads off back yam

Just chatting, I am sure the guy in the So Cal jacket is famous 'o)

Brian Watson as eager as ever to get driving, this must be the most driven UK Rod ever.

Bob) Booth, makes and early exit Sunday, great to see Rods like this up here and not afraid to drive the pass's either. Cool!

34 makes ready to leave Sunday to.

Not sure if this Low rider made the Saturday drive Ok looks mean..

Model A and Pop with a perfect stance also made the full weekend

Nice modern rimmed Moggy leaves early Sunday, cool caravan.

Cool 35, I know this guys name and bugger I have forgoten it, I love this car ;o)

Modifeid A roadster was a framed not sure if it did the saturday drive.

Bog stock as a Rock Model A sedan, I think did the Saturday Run over Kirkstone pass.

But we did make it to Park Foot Ulswater and there were quite a few Rods about which was great to see up here in the lakes. Had a crack with me old ,ate Odgie who been there and done the pass's in his groovy little 100e altered, with hand formed body and matching Trailer. It really is a cool looking Machine, I asked had he hand formed the body over wooded bucks, and Odgie in true Odgie fashion said " Na I just used a wooden camping mallet" and it is real craftsmanship as only Odgie can. With loads and loads of real interesting bits all over, from the brass starting switch handle to the wooden garden shears as a handbrake handle.. just all add together to make it look and feel real and right. Ya know like brass wing nuts to hold some body panels on and the heater ( in the passenger footwell) surround, cool little running lights, gauges and so on and so on.. if you get chance check it out and have a crack with Odgie his is the coolest most interesting human I have the honor of calling a mate!!
Odgie name plate... I wonder what he means ;o)

Something only Odgie could make and pull off in style.

With matching trailer.

100e power whoarrrrrrr

Neat dash and leg warmer.

Well were was I ;o) ? Oh yeah by the time we got there about 12pm, some of the Scottish guys were ready for the off, and some had already gone, but a few about 16 or so stayed for the planned run up to Heartside (Alston) a 1900ft climb up twisty roads to a mountain top Cafe that is a popular meeting point for Bikers from all over, Cumbria and Yorkshire.

We impressed and surprised the bikers that's for sure and stayed till we were all watered and fed. Met a few guys from my home town who unbeknown to me read my web site and found out about this planned drive out and came up especially just to see the cars, now how cool is that.

We said our goodbyes to those that were journeying back home from here and then made our way back down to the Ulswater camp.

Craig had planned a Barby at his house for those that were staying on, and we did have intentions of staying aswell, but as time went on we realised it was going to be to late for us, so after we had a good look round his amazing 32 roadster, we thanked Craig for organising such a cool event and trundled off home... Next year it will be on our calendar definitely.

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