Drayton Manor Sunday show and shine

This is the Hi-Tec 34 Sedan that belongs to the guys we had a good laugh with at the cruise venue Saturday, cool looking car and great company.

We the day started a quite sunny from what I remembered and stayed that way so I hoped for a good turn out of cool cars for us all to drool over and make it a successful event for the guys an galls who pulled their pans out to organize it all for us. We weren't disappointed as it was rammed and plenty of cool Cars.

This was a nice A sedan with modern wheels, though I do like the trad look, I aint adverse to the odd bit of modern twist either and these do suit the Rod, some don't though ;o)

Great looking A multi seat ;o) going the bare bones look must be a bag of fun to own and tool about in. I love the wires and rear seat cover.

Another A with a different take on the modern wheel tyre look. Modern tyre not quite as modern wheel work ok for me. And I did notice the custom runners on the running boards as I had not long put some on my Truck. They look good and work fantastic at saving the boards from feet attack.

Alan Spittle's real understated Blown 37 heads another line of great cars that made it to Drayton.

My Fav A coupe ever and would love it in my garage, I just aint got 23 big ones Boo Hoo!! Features real nice Mick Shepherd (Premier Auto Trim) with Bob Booth tipex accents ;o)

Always loved this 32 from the first time I saw it real 60's excess that works.

The Cool dudes line up er sort of. Nice to see some of the hard Core HOT Rodders don't snub every main stream run so we us squares get to see them.

Groovy looking A coupe with crazy roof really makes me smile every time I see it, as I think it is eccentric and cool. The guy that owns is is just as cool to looks a blast.

DodgeTruck is another I drool over. Its weird now looking back to the Springnats (Drayton Manor) as it was quite a few months ago. I was thinking, how time just fly's by. You get all geared up for the run which maybe a few week away, time seems to drag on, but soon it is here and you are excited and on the off. Ya get there have a bag of fun and in no time flat you are unloading back home and its over... and before you know it its coming round again a year later... wow what the fuk is going on???? Its now 8yrs ago when I did my first Drayton Manor run and we are all 8yrs older... whoooaa. I look at old photos from say the 60's showing old Hot Rods (ok some are street rods) ;o) and look at the people, all young and smiling looking the part obviously enjoying their youth and car... and now its 48yrs on for them.. they may be all gone or in their 70's... fuk its scary.. so lets just enjoy what we do what when we can while we can. xx

An Irish guy was just pulling up with this when we started our walk of the show field. Its a 20's? Franklin and bought at auction, it was amazing.

You can tell the engineering came from aircraft engineers from the look of the engine it was a runner to. Groovy!

Ginners old Truck my inspiration to do my Truck all shiny, still one of the best trucks in the Uk in my opinion.

Loved this gold Hillman.

Seen this mad Pop last year and never got round to doing a write up. But just how much work is in this wow mind boggling. Widened I don't know how many inches and stretch also stunning amount of work must of been a nightmare.

Oh Yes how nice is this 32, just bang on the money for me.

Flat nosed Pop has caused a stir at every event this year so far and gets a well earned trophy each time luverly!

Just how a T should sit and look Fab Fad for sure.

Oh no another car I lust after.... when will it end. Just sits perfect and arrow straight, looks ace nude, but I would paint if it was mine no matter how cool Nude maybe. thinking about it if I ever sold my Truck this is what I would buy or one like it that is. just what dreams are made of.. Oh or Peter Angels 32 parked next to it. ;o)

What I have a photo of another A... a nice one to.

no nonsense 32 Roadster, with implement tyre's was perfect.

whoooo scarey, my 4yr old grandson was memorized by this ghoul in the hood, he genuinely thought it was real.

Real Nice to see Hot Rod celeb and ace Professional Rod Builder Langy and Sue make the journey to Drayton, not sure he goes north of the southern border much like ;o) x

Yep just another must have before I pop off vehicle a 35 Pickup coooool

And what more could you want to end the day looking at a beautiful girl and a beautiful Truck... ahhh heaven. Hey dirty old men need love to ya know!! Byeee

Yeah and thumps up to you to Paul. Yeah it don't get much better than this...

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