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Sorry been a long time before I got round to adding this page, simple answer is I am a lazy git. I am struggling to find time to keep doing it to be honest, to much temptation and stuff on the internet that makes hours seem like seconds and before ya know it a nights gone and I have not done what I should of on my web site. I keep reading the crap on one message board that I should never look at as it just jades my view on the scene as I know it is not a true reflection of what is really going on in the UK scene at all. I go to runs and there are hundreds of great people there and just bucket loads of awe inspiring Cars built by some unbelievable talents. To me the UK scene is fantastic and I honestly have yet to meet a twat like I read about on that certain message board... well that's out of my system ;o) Lets get on with the show.


When I go to a Run I try and do all that is on offer, as the guys and galls who do all the hard work setting it all up for us to enjoy, deserve our support and to be honest its great just getting out and driving with other cool cars. The run out at this years Springnats was pure fun and probably the best run out/cruise I have ever been on. It was to a small test tarmac track ( I have forgotten the name of it). Pure insperation if you ask me.

Getting ready for the saturday Cruise.

The day started a bit misty but even early on there were some cool cars lining up for the cruise out.

When we arrived at the venue a test track, I was impressed with the amount of Cars who had made the effort to get there.

Richard Parker's 39 was looking cool as ever and takes home a pot or two where ever it goes. This photo shows the diversity of the vehicles that made it to the track.

Plenty of nice cars to admire.

I love this cool A sedan, as I do all A's for that matter. Not one to follow trends by the look either with liddle fenders, radials and shiny wheels.

No shortage of test pilots and seeing as the track had a very short run off all had to have good brakes.

It was red hot and a great atmosphere at the track side, we got talking with a couple of guys there from Cornwall way that made the afternoon a great laugh, one had a nice Pop the other a beautiful Hi-Tec 34 Sedan.

My mate Pudzz decided to have a go and stormed along with an 11sec run.. WoW I hear you say 11 sec from a V6 to ;o)..... well let me tell you a little story. Pudzz came back what time did I run? I dunno I said the guy on the tannoy didn't announce it. So off he trundles and has quite a banter with the guy and comes back beaming ;o).... 11 Secs he proudly announces. Yeah Ok eh I said, he then again proudly told the guys next to us. I am dead proud of that he said and I started to watch the racing. Then I heard em al laughing and Pudzz with a face like a slapped arse... he thought he had done an 11sec quarter..... ha ha.... not an 1/8th whaaa whaaa boy did we rip him about that and still do.

The fastest man on the day was Stu Smith in his wild blown A pickup. Keeping his foot firmly planted till he was sure he had past the line, unlike many others. That took real bolix as the run off was very short, with a couple locking all 4wheels up on their attempts.

Good to see Tony Grayston giving the Hi-Tec 34 some welly though a miss fire didn't help his times.

Oh Yes, Pete Angels oh so cool Blown 32 Sedan even did a run, still one of my favorite Uk Rods.

Well all good things must come to an end and so did this fantastic afternoon but not before a superb run back with a few nice Rods. We tagged on behind this Willys and hoped he knew the way back.

With these guys following us hoping the same ;O) These were the guys we had a great laugh with track side, they were great company and I hope we have their company again. To me it is what Hot Rodding... er better not call street Rods Hot Rods had I, or I will get the Hot Rod police wanting my blood eh.... its what Street Rodding... oh fuk there were some Hot Rods there to???? er... and I have a Custom Truck.. oh man what is it we do?? er... streee.. Hooo.. er custo... Ok mine aint a Rod but the scene is about Rods... so to me this is what Rodding is all about, getting out meeting like minded people who you get along with and having a great time in the Cars.. here's to many more of them. People who don't mind if a Car tags along that isn't of their ilk ;o) xx

Well back at the show field I gave this mega nice F1 and this is real nice one of the best in the UK I would say once it gets it bed floor re varnished that is ;o) It was at the Valley Gas pitch I think if memory serves me right.

The kids went on the fun fair, it was free entry all weekend for us weekend participants. While cool cars milled about.

Not got any more photos, but the night was OK in the proper brick built club house though the music was pants, the crack was good so we stayed in the bar area and gave up on the entertainment room as apart from some kids sliding about the dance floor on their knees and a couple of bloody line dancers it was not my scene, and all the crack was in the bar area. Had a great night so long ago now I cant remember any of it. No late night crack either this year, Chris Bunting was nowhere to be seen, he usually comes back drinks my beer and discuss's the Universe and things till the wee hours with us. Ahh soon be Sunday.

Sunday slip and shine day

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