Doncaster Custom Show Sunday

I didn't sleep much last night, wondering if I would sleep in, could I get the Truck clean and looking good enough to not lower the tone of the indoor show.

The previous night we had managed a sneak preview of the cars all lit up inside the show building and they looked bloody awesome, the paint jobs shone like a clergyman's helmet and I was worried, a tad intimidated to, but oh so honored.

I text Pudzz tell him we needed to be going, they would be coming later as they felt to tired (wrecked)... I was up and anxious. My miss's had to do the whole routine, even though I suggested she go later with Pudzz and his wife Sue.. No she was coming with me and I would just have to wait until she was ready... I paced up and down and got more and more anxious as time went on. I was working out how long to get there, how long to get the cleaning team assembled and how long to make good the Truck.. Calum had text saying " Morning" and to let him know when we would be there.

Eventually the queen was ready, "er should we go get breakfast first" she said.."arrghhh no lets just get to the Racecourse get the Truck done and then think about breakfast"... Don't ya just love there total lack of concept of what it is all about ;o)

Pete was there ready as we arrived and Chris just took a little waking up, and we were soon joined by Calum... that was the team assembled. Chris got us a bucket, Calum opened his Vehicle and produced bottles of weird potions, Rags and another chamois. I washed the truck off, Pete helped dry off , Chris rinsed off, while me and Calum Chammied... like a well oiled machine the truck was looking better with every stroke.. We would of rivaled the best Cosavan car valeter's that's for sure. While the Queen sat firmly plonked in the passenger seat.

The Truck would not be allowed in the Hall until it was fully dried off.. Once dried it had to be pushed into the Hall and once set in position, the polishing began. Pete did the wheels, me and Chris did the body and even the Wife got out and helped.. It did look real nice once done, though the parts of the paint job I am not happy with stood out to me like a sore thumb. Though everyone who looked at it said it looked fantastic.. so that would do for me cocker!! Now I could relax..

Pete Whiteside and my Wife help with the polishing chores, Chris (58 Edsel is out of view but also helping).

Sat in very good company right at the entrance how posh am I!

I then found out I had forgotten my bloody camera... arrghhhh

I said we will go to Asda a mile or so away get breaky and I would buy a cheap camera.

We had a quick look round took a few shots with my phone and then thought we had best go get some breaky I was starving. They queue outside waiting to come in was quite small nothing like the massive queues of old or the mind blowing awesome queues for the Modern modified Car shows.

Andy Crocket's red, blown '37 Coupe won Best in show.. It is a stunning car and has been driven not fresh out for the show and driven from Scotland I might add, some great Cars in Scotland now.

We met an Asda worker just arriving to work and asked, does the cafe do breakfast's? No she said there isn't a cafe as such just somewhere you can buy a coffee.. Bugger. She did add there was a Macdonald's across the road though.. Ok.

Once in Asda, I found the Camera counter but the cheapest Digi Camera was £59 that was any use, had to have batteries charged and ready to go. We couldn't buy it yet as they weren't allowed to until 10am. I enquired where the Cafe was and said they don't do breakfasts in the Cafe do they.. she looked at me like I was friggin stupid... and laughed. I said that was what one of her fellow workers had said... Na she said they do bacon sarnies and the like.. Ok

Suitably fed we went to the show for a proper look round and hopefully meet a few of the Rod owners and hopefully it would be packed and a successful Show. To my pleasant surprise the show and outside part did seem a lot busier. Pudzz was upstairs in the eating area, which had a Rod video being played, not many people up there and there was plenty of what looked like very nicely cooked food, even fried eggs, sausage etc not to expensive either at £4.50 for a breaky... should of waited and got ours there. The Food looked very good throughout the day up there and something to remember next year.

Cool A coupe looked ace in the same Hall as the shiny cars and not at all out of place I love it.

Right back on with the show, I must say what was there was real nice and a good variety of styles. The Choppers also added some extra beef to the show. But the noticeable absence of many of our top Cars was very disappointing and really a smack in the face to those that had made the effort to bring and show their cars and also the organizer's. If we are to be taken seriously as a Car hobby we need to show there are more than just a handful of us into it..

I met one of my mates who is building a stunning Rod and he astounded me with the statement of " Not worth supporting is it, with these things being here" pointing to some trick painted trucks outside... It should be just Rods.. Now yeah Ok maybe that has some merit but take everything away that wasn't a rod and you could of held it in a Church Hall not a prestigious place such as this... it need's us to support it, for it to be what we want it to be. It aint all about trophies which I personally hate, as i have said many times they are what cause's all the bitterness and jealousy. Best in Britain is a cool title though.

Melissa Gee's cool looking Custom has been built with a great eye for what is right and what makes a true 50's custom. Not loads of stuff just for the hell of it, Tasteful and entertaining to the eye, as only an artist can do. I love the lines of the roof to trunk flames and colour in the theme follows into the interior, to contrast with the leopard pattern seats... Prrrrrrrrrrr........ like a floating boudoir ;o)

Shame this photo didn't come out to well, as the artistic detail on the apelton spot lights was amazing and well executed.

NSRA stand, in the Black shirt is Keith Hunt a candidate for the NSRA chairmanship.

Dez Crooke's recent Custom Car feature pop, was absolutely stunning, not bad eh for a first build.

Through into the interior so well put together, I like the decal inside it said " Chicks love Tattoo's* ;o)

Enough said.

Yeah Yeah I know I should know who owns this gorgeous 32, but if have forgotten. er not like me eh. I love the bonnet.. er sorry Hood stays, formed to look like beer cans how cool is that ;o)

Tony (Ozzie) Osbourne's wilder than a Pit Bull caught in a Bear trap Willy's, pure dedication to create a car of your dreams, fuk any sensibility or practicality that's for wimps.. mind you wind down windows would be nice ;o)

When I looked at the cars there I couldn't make my mind up which was the Best in Britain, Ozzie's Wild Willy's, Calums stunning 34 or the rolling sculpture of Dave Rothwell's Standard Flying 12... all just way above anything that has been done before and would rival the best in the world, not just Best in Britain. I didn't realize Fletch's Woody was in the competition as it won last year so I never counted it in the running, or I really would of been stumped as to which was best. Turned out Calum got 1st BiB with the 33/34, Fletch got runner up and Dave Rothwell was 3rd.. And the Judges decision was backed up by the participants vote to.. so there ya have it.. I think Ozzie got something but I am buggered if I can remember what it was.. Who needs a trophy anyway, one title one car got it..

I cant remember seeing this A before but it was superb, so again numpty as I am I have no idea who owns it... why do you read this shit when I have no idea who is who? ;o). I really should be more professional eh...

Now I say I don't like trophies.... but....... if I did have to have one... one of these would be very acceptable.

Some stunning chops on show, this was one of my favorites. I am happy to see Chops linked with our Cars. One it brings up the numbers for those rodders who cant be arsed and also brings in a bigger audience.. To be honest if they hadn't been there the show would of been very small.

These bikes get created with the same love and artistic perfection as the Rods and you can bet your life they work.

If a bike could ever be called a Hot Rod bike... I guess this would be it.. though to be pedantic they can be Hot Rodded bikes.. but Not Hot Rod bikes, but I wouldn't argue the point with any of the guys with them ;o)

Outdoor show vehicles:

I was at our local Biker haunt, Devils Bridge the other weekend, I took the wife there on my bike and my Brother - in - law was there to with his Biker chick wife to.. and we got speaking with this guy. He had not long imported it its registered as a Bourget (built in US by Roger Bourget) and cost £1500 to get through the SVA and be registered.. Bought when the $ was weak against the £ so he got himself a Hi-end Custom Chop for not silly money... his diminutive wife stays atached to the bike and rider because of her seriously strong butt muscles as she is only fixed to the bike by the stuck on rear seat pad... now that's love ;o)

Small block chevy Custom Chop... oh boy!

Just a small selection of the Bikes who turned up for the day.

And the very very small turnout of Rods that made it there for the day to. This show used to be like a Rod Run many years ago. With loads of Rods and Yanks etc camping on the race course, it was quite an event though to be fair it was not at this time of year.. but the times they are a changing and it will be what it will be... Some Rodders are all for it others aint....

Brian Cros...crix..crossla.. er Crossland? Croxley? Croxford... er Lets just call him Brian has just bought Thingy McCormack's Wild Y... and very nice it looks to. ;o)

There were a few traders outside and in one for York Raceway was sat this Cool truck and a Yank were on show.. Nice truck... notice I have steered clear of guessing the make, model and year as I am a useless Car spotter.. I need to stay in more I know.

Quite a good crowd when you see this shot, watching the globe riders, worth the entrance fee just to see these guys (one guy one gall)

Well the day did drag on a bit as I had to wait until the show was over before I could move the truck. Pudzz being the mate he is waited aswell. My miss's was eager to leave and said next time her and Sue would take me and Pudzz to a fashion show were we would have to walk round and round and round and round with them, I said I wont mind if its fashion underwear ;o)

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